WITS Education offers aspiring trainers state-of-the-art in-person classes with hands-on training every day

Virginia Beach, VA, February 4, 2022 — (PR.com) — It’s not easy breaking into the fitness industry as a newcomer, especially since the pandemic has made it difficult obtaining their certifications by aspiring fitness trainers. Everything has changed online and students are finding it difficult to seek certification that provides hands-on training. WITS Education is an institute that offers hybrid certification with online education and advanced in-person physical training. They are also the only institute that offers these hands-on workouts to follow the rigorous fitness industry standards.

What makes WITS Education unique are its education standards. Their courses follow the steps of standard college education instead of a training center. This is why their graduates have practical skills instead of just theoretical knowledge. Their in-person training centers are located across North America and provide students with hands-on experience in the fitness areas of their choice. In addition, their interactive online sessions help students develop solutions to meet the complex needs of their future clients. Additionally, once their in-person training is complete, students have the chance to participate in internship programs that can lead to permanent employment.

Highlighting their interactive, in-person training sessions, a spokesperson for the institute said, “The primary goal of our physical training is to give our students hands-on experience that will make it easier for them to find employment. Our training sessions reproduce real situations where students must apply their theoretical knowledge and put their skills to good use. He further added, “We aim to fill the void in the fitness industry created due to the lack of well-trained professionals.”

WITS Education is constantly updating its courses to keep up with changing industry trends and provide future fitness trainers with the best training. They are also the only NCCA accredited institute and their students can earn college credit after completing the certifications. In terms of employment prospects, WITS students are considered the best in the industry and can obtain employment in various fitness-related fields.

About the company
WITS Education is a physical training institute that issues certifications on different forms of physical training. Their platform offers courses on medical fitness, group training, youth fitness training as well as courses related to fitness management. The institute has work authorization in 39 states of the United States as well as locations in Canada. They also have the largest university and college network in the fitness industry. Their training includes interactive online modules as well as hands-on labs that train students to work in different environments.

Contact details
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldinstructortrainingschools
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.witseducation.com/


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