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Vet Candy recently launched a new professional training course format – Master Courses – designed to reflect the knowledge needs of veterinary professionals. The company is adding four new programs to its veterinary CE portfolio, covering both medical topics and professional development.

“In today’s world, veterinary professionals need to stay current to keep their clinical skills up to date and to provide optimal care for companion animals. We have launched our next generation of courses to meet the needs of a generation that wants the necessary knowledge and expertise to be at its best, ”said Dr Jill López, Founder and CEO of Vet Candy.

The new courses, which are accessible 24/7 via the Vet Candy CE platform:

  • Master in Ophthalmology – Provides a comprehensive review of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye. Instructor: Dr DJ Haeussler, veterinary ophthalmologist and owner of the Animal Eye Institute. Brought to you by Sentrx â„¢ Animal Care, Inc.

  • Master in toxicology – Provides information on common poisonings in small animals, diagnostic procedures and treatment. Instructor: Dr Carey Hemmelgarn, veterinary critic and co-founder of Intensivets. Presented by Vetoquinol.

  • Master in Respiratory Disease Management – Provides an in-depth assessment of the scientific and clinical practice skills needed to control respiratory disease, from diagnosis and management to counseling clients. Instructor: Dr Anthony Gonzalez, Veterinary Critic with Special Guest, Alyssa Mages, CVT of Empowering Veterinary Teams. Presented by Trudell Animal Health.

Master courses are free for veterinary professionals and accessible 24/7. Vet Candy. Classes are led by subject matter experts who guide participants through the latest research and cutting edge technology.

At the end of a course, participants receive a certificate of completion, continuing education credits, and access to exclusive tools to celebrate, recognize and share their accomplishments. Classes are free and available for streaming 24/7.

Founded and led by veterinary professionals, Vet Candy delivers world-class content with engaging voices and inspiring messages created by a network of leading influencers and experts. The company seeks to accelerate a culture change within the veterinary profession that promotes diversity, inclusion and gender balance. To stay up-to-date on all things related to me, follow us @myvetcandy on social media.

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