twine launches Speed ​​Networking app for Zoom


twine has launched a fast networking app for Zoom that allows meeting hosts to match employees in timed chats.

The US-based employee login platform, twine, developed the “twine for Zoom” app using the Zoom development platform.

twine for Zoom leverages breakout rooms functionality on Zoom, making it faster and easier for meeting hosts to move participants between breakout rooms.

Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder of Twinesaid, “We are thrilled to make Twine for Zoom available to all Zoom customers.

“At twine, we are obsessed with creating software that promotes serendipity and human connection; twine for Zoom makes connecting your Zoom participants as easy as pushing a button.

“Zoom is an incredibly powerful tool, but one thing that’s missing is the concept of serendipity – those magical collisions that used to happen in the office hallway, elevator, and lobby.

“We believe these unplanned conversations are crucial to camaraderie and company culture, so we decided to leverage Zoom’s emerging development platform.”

The app uses a combination of technologies, such as beacons, spatial modes, and automation to help orchestrate connections through Zoom.

twine for Zoom has been in development for a year, and it has a waiting list of 1500 companies.

According to Coburn, some of the use cases for enterprises so far have been All Hands meetings, team meetings, training events, and onboarding new hires. He thinks remote or distributed businesses need Zoom’s string the most.

The app includes a map mode, allowing Zoom meeting hosts to create virtual tables for attendees who can move freely from table to table and click to join.

Other app features include icebreaker questions, event-wide chat, and to-do lists.

Taylor McLoughlin, co-founder and chief product officer at twinesaid, “We designed Twine for Zoom to enable so many use cases.”

“Some of the use cases we’re seeing in early testing are quick networking at virtual events, onboarding new employees into distributed teams, and all hands/team meetings.”

Coburn revealed that the next big string release for Zoom will include robust analytics and activities such as icebreakers, topics, and whiteboards.

The app is free for up to 25 unique users per month. There are also “per-event”, corporate, and corporate subscription models.

Twine describes itself as a start-up company founded by event tech veterans. He has raised $4.3 million in seed funding and counts Microsoft, Amazon, BP and others among his clients.


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