Turbo Golf Racing’s first update adds new courses and an ice cream truck


Perfectly timed for the latest UK heat wave, an update has arrived for Turbo Golf Racing that adds an ice cream truck… and new free courses, new cosmetics and more.


Turbo Golf Racing is a game that asks “What if Rocket League was a game of golf?” and this is already a good start to understand this. The game launched in Steam Early Access, Xbox Game Preview and arrived on Game Pass on Xbox and PC last week, but Hugecalf Studios clearly had things in mind for a quick content update just a week later!

Here’s everything new and bug fixes in the update:

New content

  • Six new levels: rocket ramp; The snake; bunker balls; Dual route dashboard; neon racetrack; A walk in the woods
    These levels are automatically added to the online playlist and can be unlocked for time trials by reaching set star totals in Solo mode
  • New car: Whippy the ice cream truck
    Available in the in-game store now
  • New Active Power Core: Stomp – Stomps your car into the ground, sending your ball flying with great force
    Unlocked by recording 300 seconds of gliding in online mode
  • New Passive Power Core: Rough Rider – The car ignores the effects of tall grass
    Unlocked by logging 300 seconds of hard driving in online mode
  • New cosmetics
  • New emojis: Poop and Yawn emojis are now replaced by Fire and Luck

Bug fixes

  • [Windows Store] Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the “Connect to Xbox Network…” login screen
  • Provides a workaround for players who encounter “Waiting for QoS results” when searching for a match. Players experiencing this issue must manually select their region in the settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could go to a black screen after the match ended
  • Level fix: Spots and shots – players ball could get stuck in the hole
  • Fixed various level exploits that allowed skipping levels unintentionally (thanks to Discord members “TGR cool stuff” for helping us find them!)

Additionally, Hugecalf has shared a rough roadmap for players so they know what to expect as they navigate next year or more of Early Access.

In general, updates will look to add more levels, cosmetics, and new Power Cores, but there are also more targeted features and improvements on the way.

Hugecalf Studios is actively working on these features. They should land in the next few months:

  • Early Access Season 2
  • New biome
  • Cross-platform parties
  • World Rankings
  • Private lobby
  • Improved quest system and rewards

Hugecalf Studios will look to develop these features before leaving Early Access / Game Preview:

  • Early Access Season 3
  • Improved missiles and new pickups
  • Ranked Mode
  • New game modes (duos?)
  • Platform Achievements
  • In-Game Stats
  • And many, many more…

I had a lot of good things to say about Turbo Golf Racing for its Game Preview release last week, writing that “I personally hope for more variety in the biomes you play and a few more wrinkles to add alongside the main game mode, but Turbo Golf Racing already has the basics all the way.

Source: press release



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