TSSC and Duranc create a competence center to provide courses on artificial intelligence, remote monitoring and IoT


TSSC will provide training content, training partner network, industry connect, NOS according to industry demand

The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) – India’s premier ICT skills development institution, together with Duranc Tech Services Private Limited, India’s cloud-based video surveillance and measurement platform, announced the creation of skills centers at the Duranc Center in Hyderabad and NIT Patna for training in remote monitoring and related technologies. They signed a memorandum of understanding outlining the roles and responsibilities of each organization for the creation of training modules and the mapping of professional roles in this segment.

Competence centers are being set up at Duranc HO in Hyderabad and NIT Patna and will serve roles in information and communications technology (ICT), remote monitoring services, monitoring analysis data-based and related fields. This includes positions for surveillance system installations, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. The MoU aims to provide skills, re-qualification and development to potential candidates, thereby improving their employability through training in innovative technologies. This includes identifying additional centers across India to facilitate smooth training. The CoE will also organize a “Train the trainers / assessors” program to certify trainers and assessors.

“Now is the right time to invest in capacity building for jobs like remote monitoring that harnesses futuristic technologies like AI and IoT. Over 15 million cameras have already been offered / installed in various Indian cities. Initiatives such as Smart Cities will execute their advanced solutions that integrate video analytics, facial recognition, night vision cameras and high-definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras through intelligently connected camera and sensor systems. . Soon, other cities will issue warrants for camera installations. We need to have the workforce ready to efficiently install, operate and maintain these large systems. Said Arvind Bali, CEO of TSSC.

TSSC will provide training content, network of training partners, connection with industry, NOS according to industry demand, institutionalize accreditation process for training providers, assessment and certification assessors, trainers and trainees, all of whom would be industry approved + for these latter Job Roles. The lab setup will offer high-end courses in monitoring and analytical technology.

Duranc will host the laboratory installation and all the equipment necessary for the training. They will provide the subject matter experts necessary to train the trainers and assessors. They will further provide case studies for a proper implementation of these roles / functions.

DP Sreenivas, Co-Founder, Duranc said: “Technology is a tremendous catalyst and when it comes to surveillance systems, CCTV integrated with analytics is the next big technology. It is the cornerstone of features like traffic analysis, facial recognition, crowd management, and more from local to global. At Duranc, we strive to raise awareness of the need for surveillance and its impact on our future. Cities like Indore, Hyderabad and Delhi are already in the list of the top twenty cities with the highest density of surveillance cameras per thousand inhabitants. We provide easy setup and access using the latest cloud-based monitoring that generates data you can act on. We will help the TSSC create multi-level courses around the future of surveillance.

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