Ticketleap rolls out its new IRL networking app at Philly Tech Week


Name: Beah Burger-Lenehan
District: Lansdowne (not Lansdale)
Use: VP of Product at Ticketleap
Additional projects: Meet is kind of a side project for Ticketleap, but that’s my main push. Also, teaching a Product Management Course for Girl develop Philly and clap (and learn from) the Philadelphia 76ers.
Philly Tech Week is going to be a little different for me and my team this year. For the past few months, we have been working hard on a new project: an application called Meet. (Editor’s note: Sweet URL.)
Here’s the idea: if you want to build something awesome, you have to get out from behind your computer screen and talk to people. Met is a bit like a Fitbit for these connections: it mobilizes your team around this offline practice and, in doing so, strengthens the health of your business. So far, we’ve limited the pilot to a small number of hand-picked startups.
But (*drum roll*) we want to open the beta to all early adopters and tech community builders attending Philly Tech Week this year. Here’s why we couldn’t resist the chance:

  • As a beta tester, you’ll help improve Met through your feedback.
  • Met, as a source of data on how and why we connect with each other, can help improve Philadelphia’s tech community.
  • And, most importantly, Met can help you get the most out of your Philly Tech Week by making every connection count.

So if you want to join the ranks of early adopters (sorry, iPhone users only for now), sign up at meet and we’ll fast-track your access so you don’t miss any Metworking opportunities during #PTW15. Or, better yet, come find us at one of the events below and we’ll get you there.
(One more thing: if you want to know which Philadelphians are the best PTW people connectors, follow @metworking. Throughout the week, we’ll be tweeting Metworking’s greatest accomplishments from our great beta users.)

1. Stock up for Philly Tech Week

Events that let me walk around and talk to people with a drink in hand are exactly my speed. (Plus, I wanna check out this new Fishtown The Dove which all children love). (Friday April 17, 8-10 a.m.)

2. Explore Philadelphia Startups

See above. Ticketleap is also one of the host venues. Hit us early – gates open at 4pm – then head east towards Dilworth Park for the Arcade. It’s the perfect time to get your shiny new Met account (you brave soul), then Metwork all night. (Friday April 17, 4-8 p.m.)

3. The Rad Awards

There must have been a misunderstanding because somehow I was nominated for an award. Other than that, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool event; maybe i will meet Dom Streater – crossed fingers! My team is threatening to flip the tables if I don’t win (which would definitely be worth the price of admission). (Saturday April 18, 7-10 p.m.)

4. Girl Develop It Rise and Shine

The Girl Develop It gang is on top, right? If you have been a latecomer and still do not have Met on your iPhone, this would be a good opportunity to fix this problem. (Tuesday, April 21, 7-9 a.m.)

5. Media monitoring day

Sarah and Bob from my team will hit this one hard (I can’t do it myself). You will recognize Sarah and Bob because they will be the most attractive individuals wearing “Have we met?” T shirts. (Wednesday April 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m.)

6. Philly New Technology Meetup – Food and Technology

I have been known to visit a Philly New Tech Meetup from time to time. This time, I’m especially looking forward to testing out Met’s new Meetup integration (Met searches the attendee list of the Meetup you’re at so you can capture your new connection without asking it to spell its last three times). (Wednesday 21 April, 10am-6.30pm)

7. PSL Entrepreneurs Fair

It was one of my favorite events last year; lots of people to talk to and food carts to try. A highlight was showing Mayor Nutter how to create his Selfie Ticket – what a sport, we should extend his term. (Wednesday April 22, 7-10 p.m.)



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