Tech Misfits – a bold new professional networking app for tech and STEM professionals


Atlanta-based community builder and NFT studio Umba Daima, founded by entrepreneur and Jamaican American Iris Nevins, has announced the launch of Tech Misfits – a bold new professional networking app focused on collaboration, community and wealth building for technology and STEM professionals.

Arabad Tech Misfits, a new app/ Source: Courtesy of Umba Daima.

Iris Nevins / Courtesy of Umba Daima

The initiative is brought to life by community activist and software engineer turned co-founder and CEO of Umba Daima Iris Nevins who started the company to create a multicultural ecosystem of educational and social Web3 experiences. Nevins is a former head of engineering at Mailchimp and Vox Media.

Working with some of the most exciting and diverse global networks of tech professionals and enthusiasts, Umba Daima will use Tech Misfits to thoughtfully bring diverse members of different communities together on one platform – a mobile app that will create a new avenue of networking opportunities for technology. professionals with a focus on ensuring that people from underrepresented backgrounds are intentionally included in this community.

Umba Daima will use innovative blockchain technology powered by Flow to release the Tech Misfits NFT avatars, an art collection that reimagines the future of the tech industry by showing how truly diverse and inclusive the community could and should be. The art collection features characters who have different professions and carry a variety of unique appearances, aesthetics, and cultural differences. They represent a truly diverse and inclusive tech industry where people from many cultures and perspectives collaborate to build the technology that shapes our daily lives.

Possession of a Tech Misfits Avatar qualifies for membership in the Tech Misfits Network. Owners can download the Tech Misfits app to their Android or iPhone, create a profile, join various public forums, and create their own forums. The purpose of the application is to activate “CGWB” or “Collaboration, Growth and Wealth Creation”. Members can network and build relationships; building teams for their initiatives; seeking mentors, advice and investments, and above all, publishing and finding opportunities.

The app will allow members to create online and IRL member-led initiatives. Many members will already have their own initiatives and businesses that they can further support through the app. Additionally, community members are encouraged to co-create new experiences and projects together using the app as a place for community building, professional development, recruiting, feedback, and resource sharing. .

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