Stereo app: the new audio social networking app you need to know


We’re not sure about you, but we definitely spend a LOT more time on our phones than we should, something to do with the boredom of Lock 3.0. While we have a great excuse – there are a slew of recently launched apps that have made us a bit more addicted to our screens and here’s one that should definitely be on your radar.

It’s called Stereo and it’s the new social networking app that’s already been hailed as the next BIG thing. It promotes itself as the way to “discover live podcasts” allowing users to “join the conversation”.

In fact, it’s even nicknamed the New Clubhouse (and if you’ve lived under a rock and don’t know what the Clubhouse is, please read our guide).

What is the Stereo application?

It is essentially a live social platform, allowing anyone who has downloaded and registered to listen and participate in live conversations anywhere in the world. You can choose what topics you like and engage in with real people, be it a celebrity, musician or politician or a stranger with a similar interest or may – just be your friends. For anyone with an important profile, it gives them a chance to get acquainted with fans or subscribers.


The app also believes that it “fights loneliness” by providing a platform “for debate and education; a destination of entertainment and fun; a vehicle to advance the goal and provoke related campaigns; a catalyst for instantly connecting and interacting with your fan base; an opportunity to expand your network of friends and followers.

What can you do in stereo?

Stereo users can simply listen to live conversations, search for topics, and participate in conversations about issues and ideas that interest them. Stereo’s search feature means you can scroll through the topics / genres / conversations or personalities you like the most. The app hosts thousands of live talk shows across a variety of genres including news, comedy, and sports, and users are free to choose to be a host, guest, or just listen to. exclusive conversations.

One of the undeniable advantages of the Stereo app is that it has definitely made the podcasting process easier. You can easily record conversations without the need for an expensive studio or mic setup. The app puts the most interesting livestreams and propels them to a larger audience so that the best speakers quickly grow their fan base, Tik-Tok style.


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