Revolut’s financial education and crypto courses see over 1 million users in July


One month after the launch of “Learn and Earn”, Revolution reported how more than one million customers from 32 countries have taken its financial education courses.

The courses were facilitated by the company’s app and included two sets of lessons and knowledge tests covering the basics of cryptography and the Polkadot blockchain.

The initiative was created to help customers improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and related topics, including blockchains, and the most popular tokens and protocols, with the goal of increasing public literacy in crypto and financial responsibility around the subject.

Nearly 1.5 million customers from 32 countries have taken the courses, with customers earning up to $15 in DOT tokens, native to the Polkadot network, for taking the courses and passing the final quiz.

According to figures from the company, interest in cryptocurrencies in Britain is growing. Only in July, compared to July of last year, the number of transactions carried out by the British increased by 20%.

What do the courses cover?

‘Crypto Basics’ is the first of two courses and helps educate customers on what cryptocurrencies are compared to fiat money; the meaning of a “decentralized system”; cryptography; the mechanics of blockchain technology; and the risks associated with crypto investments.

The second course is based on the Polkadot multi-chain network and how it unites blockchains in Web3 – the decentralized internet.

The course shares information about the Polkadot network, its native token, DOT, as well as Polkadot use cases, the Polkadot governance system, and the Polkadot “relay chain”, the central chain used by the Polkadot network that allows specialized and public blockchain to connect. in a unified network.

Revolut plans to add more courses to the initiative this year to give more people more control over their finances and secure access to new tools and services.


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