Qlan: Indian gamer social networking app attracts gamers for October beta launch


With the aim of revolutionizing social media among Indian and global gamers, gaming professionals, content creators and gaming organizations as well as for brands looking to invest in gaming. The public beta of Qlan will be launched during the fourth week of October. Through this one-stop-shop platform, the focus will be on changing the way major players in the gaming and esports community meet, compete and get discovered.

Qlan is designed to solve basic problems in the gaming community. This genre-specific platform will allow gamers to make verified connections with other gamers, help creators develop and monetize their content, help gaming organizations reach targeted audiences, and empower professionals to seek employment and career opportunities, all within a single ecosystem.

The dedicated social networking app for gamers will also allow esports, gaming communities and brands to seamlessly connect and facilitate the creation of an industry-complementary gaming ecosystem.

“At Qlan, we spent several months researching and interviewing over 5,000 players to gather information to better understand their issues. This is what encouraged us to build a platform dedicated to the gaming and esports community. Players communicate differently, they need to present themselves on a targeted platform, whether they’re looking to go pro with esports deals and celebrity-style “partner” streaming deals or just looking for their next gig in. as a gaming professional. Qlan is built with a focused vision on creating a robust and sustainable gaming and esports ecosystem starting in India and then globally, ”said Qland Co-Founder and CEO , Sagar Nair.

The application is a unique solution for:

  1. Create personalized profiles solo, in team and in organization
  2. Showcase your gaming skills by syncing game stats
  3. Access AI-enabled matchmaking for verified connections
  4. Share gaming and esports content with an early monetization option
  5. Promote esports tournaments and IPs to a target audience
  6. Be recognized and discovered as an esports / gaming professional

While commenting on the app, Navin Talreja CBO & co-founder said, “We have seen how the lack of a professional esports center limits the overall growth of the gaming ecosystem. We contacted and spoke to over 40 gaming organizations in India to understand their weak points. The need for them to access and engage with a targeted audience is greater than ever, with the clutter of existing platforms. The obstacles are immense for creators of game content to monetize their work, which Qlan will actively address. The game is much bigger than just going pro, and Qlan will allow gamers, creators and organizations to bond around their passion for the game and strengthen their worlds.

Qlan plans to become the most reliable and secure platform for the gaming and esports community in the coming days. They are currently building an early access waiting list that has already registered more than 10,000 registrations in the space of two weeks.


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