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City of London, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — City of London, England –

UK-based Knowledge Train is pleased to announce the launch of its PRINCE2 online training courses. The organization is focused on helping its community develop the skills needed to improve performance in the workplace, thereby developing their careers in turn.

Knowledge Train Managing Director Simon Buehring said, “We are delighted to be able to launch our new online courses for PRINCE2, which meet nearly all WCAG guidelines at the highest AAA level. This will ensure that our students have the best experience when studying online. The revised courses provide an even better experience for students with disabilities and users on all screen sizes, especially mobile, so people can learn on the go. Specifically, the courses fully meet 70 of the 77 WCAG 2.1 guidelines at the AAA level (best compliance). They also partially meet 4 other guidelines.

Buehring adds, “All courses come with the PRINCE2 online exam and textbook, so students have everything they need to earn certification in a 100% online experience.” Previously, Knowledge Train was known for its ability to provide bespoke in-house training and mentoring to various companies and institutions, helping their community improve on both an individual and organizational level. Now, much of this training can be sought through their online courses, including PRINCE2.

According to Knowledge Train, PRINCE2 is intended to improve a specific and vital business area: project management. The courses have been developed based on modern project management best practices as well as the experiences of project management practitioners around the world, and students will be guided through all stages of a project’s life cycle – learning to apply a common basis and an organizational language. to any project to which they will contribute in the future. Knowledge Train says PRINCE2 certification will allow them to bring the tools they learn to projects of any size and complexity. It is principle-based, describing who should make what decisions about a project (and when).

PRINCE2 is also a globally recognized certification, opening up corridors for overseas employment (especially as courses are available in over 150 countries as well as 18 languages). It covers a wide range of roles and sectors, giving students greater exposure to the potential applications of the tools they learn.

A crucial aspect that many will benefit from with Knowledge Train’s PRINCE2 online courses is the fact that students can prepare for the PRINCE2 exam at their own pace. All PRINCE2 courses available online also come with online PRINCE2 exams, and they work on virtually any device a student wants to use. This includes desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Since PRINCE2 is largely aimed at working professionals, its online availability greatly increases the number of students who can now pursue this certification without compromising in their personal or professional lives. While some organizations proactively give their employees paid time off to pursue their education, this is not the case everywhere. It is also unlikely that freelancers, contractors and similar parties could afford such an arrangement. Thanks to Knowledge Train’s online courses, however, that’s all changed – all they need is a compatible device and an internet connection to study on the go.

Those who have already signed up for Knowledge Train usually have extremely positive feedback to share regarding their experience and progress. Many on the company’s Google profile, for example, express appreciation for the interactivity and intuitiveness of online courses, and some mention that the in-house course trainer is good at helping students pass exams. In addition, since educational institutions are supported by administrative staff who play an important role in helping students complete their courses, it is worth noting that the team that supports Knowledge Train’s efforts also receives high praise. from the community. All inquiries and concerns are handled as quickly as possible through their diligence, and students report satisfaction with the ease with which it is possible to track the practical and educational aspects of their time with Knowledge Train (such as fees, dates, etc).

Knowledge Train offers more information about specific PRINCE2 courses offered on their website. Jay Gao of Knowledge Train can also be contacted for more details on PRINCE2 online courses.


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