Places still available on a number of courses at Forth Valley College.


If your child is looking to gain experience in a continuing education setting and would like to add qualifications to their CV, you will be pleased to know that there are still places available in a number of school partnership and learning courses foundation at Forth Valley College.

These courses are aimed at students entering S4 in August 2022 who can integrate their professional courses as one of their subject options, in addition to their national and higher school diplomas.

FVC’s school-partnered courses offer a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for college or graduate school or entering employment. By the time students complete the SCOTS (School-College Opportunities to Succeed) program, they will have a better idea of ​​the career path they would like to follow. Students can expect lots of hands-on learning and a first taste of life after school.

Another benefit is that the award-winning Forth Valley College is one of the best in Scotland, leading the way in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields and boasting industry experts in all departments of education.

It also encourages more independence, responsibility and maturity and allows them to experience a range of leisure activities and social networks.

School Partnership Course at Forth Valley College

HNC accelerated procedure

Pupils entering S5 in August and planning to continue their studies in S6 can register to study a Higher National Certificate (HNC) over the two years.

HNCs are currently available in applied biological sciences, police studies, and athletic training and development. They are on the same level as an Advanced Higher and on completion can lead to an HND course, or even directly into second year at university.

Basic learnings

There are still places available in a number of our basic learning courses, for students entering S5 and S6 in August 2022.

Foundational apprenticeships are studied over two years and involve on-the-job learning with a local employer, as well as study at university. Successful completion of a basic apprenticeship gives a guaranteed place on an HNC in college, or a head start on a modern apprenticeship.

FAs are also accepted by most Scottish universities as equivalent to a higher. Core apprenticeships are available in the areas of business skills, hospitality, media, social services: children and young people, social services and health, software development.

Advertiser Alloa and Hillfoots: Core Learnings at Forth Valley CollegeCore Learnings at Forth Valley College

A wide range of courses

The National Progression Awards (NPA) are also available to school students in the areas of Cybersecurity, Events, Exercise and Fitness Leadership, Sport and Fitness: Team Sports: football, as well as travel and tourism.

Skills for Work (SFW) is another option schoolchildren can consider at FVC and subjects include creative industries and early learning and childcare. A school link in professional cooking or the Scottish Bachelor of Science could also attract interest from senior stage pupils.

It’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the game before they leave school – so keep going and help them take their next step!

Students interested in these courses can apply directly through the FVC website at


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