Nexio Launches Revolutionary Networking App for Black Professionals


According to from the United Kingdom House of Commons Library1, the unemployment rate of people of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) origin increased compared to the first quarter of 2020, from 5.8% to 6.3%, while the unemployment rate of people of white origin was approaching historically low levels.

In the United States, with 2.5 million jobs created in May, black unemployment reached 16.8%, up 0.1% since April.

As thousands of rallies take place around the world, with millions united against economic, social and racial injustices, #BlackLivesMatter has shone the spotlight on the grim reality black people face every day in virtually every aspect. of their life.

To help reverse the trend of inequalities and foster relationships with like-minded professionals, Nexio is a revolutionary company whose innovative application advances career opportunities and cultivates connections between black entrepreneurs and professionals.

Something black people can finally celebrate

Understand the disadvantages blacks face in finding opportunities that lead to career development, Nexio provides a digital infrastructure designed to support and inspire black professionals.

Nexio is a virtual community where black people can organize their own events, create and join “groups” that are perfectly suited to them. More, Nexio provides the latest news from around the world tailored to their interests. And with Nexio exclusive events, members can always continue the conversation offline. It is the first of its kind and it is already gaining a lot of ground among the black community.

With key features like its free mobile app (available on ios and Android), chat, groups, news and events, Nexio is the next generation of digital networking for the black community.

An evening of opportunities

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, Nexio announced their arrival as disruptors in the social media industry, with a top-notch event at London last fall. With live performances and presentations from industry leaders and motivational speakers, Nexio organized an unprecedented networking evening, allowing professionals to collaborate and create new business and partnership opportunities.

Break down professional barriers with Nexio

With its two-pronged approach to networking both online through its state-of-the-art app and offline with a series of in-person events, Nexio is designed to make the networking process inclusive and effective for the Black community.

With the ability to seize the opportunity to engage with the right people, millions of people around the world can now take control of their professional destinies. They can now connect with people with similar roles, industries and interests.

Because, if the opportunity doesn’t strike, build a door and go straight through it.

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About Nexio

Nexio is a platform that connects black professionals with similar interests, roles and industries to collaborate, share ideas, and create business and career opportunities. Nexio is developed to support and empower every black person, to get them off the streets and move them to meeting rooms.

Nexio is designed to meet the business needs of the global black community and foster professional and personal engagement among peers. We are a revolutionary company and our innovative app advances career opportunities and cultivates connections between black entrepreneurs and professionals.


1 “Unemployment by ethnic origin” – House of Commons Library

Unemployment by ethnic background

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