Miitomo’s number 1 social networking app in Japan


Miitomo looks weird at first glance, but it worked! Nintendo’s unique flavor works on mobile, after all.

Well, I will be. Miitomo is fine! The skepticism was justified, as Miitomo is not something anyone else has done before, nor is the mobile apps something Nintendo has never done before. A social networking app, Miitomo is designed to help you chat with friends about topics and experiences that would never have been covered in the conversation otherwise. It does this in a way that is original and unique to Nintendo with customizable Miis. We don’t yet know how it will turn out in the west, but Japan certainly loves it. Bloomberg Business reports that Miitomo is currently the # 1 social networking app in Japan, and IGN has announced that it is # 2 on the Japanese iOS App Store. It also receives good reviews.

Miitomo lets you customize a Mii (using a lot more detail than we’ve seen before on 3DS and Wii U), which will then ask questions about yourself. Your responses are rewarded with a built-in currency that can be used to purchase new clothes and accessories for your Mii, and those responses are also shared with your friends, who can comment on them and share their own experiences. A MiiFoto feature lets you take wacky photos of your Miis with captions to use for comments to your friends, and they can also be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s silly, lightweight, and perfectly Nintendo.

Miitomo is slated for release on iOS and Android devices in 15 other countries (including the US, UK, and Canada) by the end of March, and Nintendo is planning five more new, yet-unknown mobile games next year. , plus Pokémon Go.


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