Meet Shoelace, Google’s New Social Networking App


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After shutting down its Orkut, Google Buzz, and Google+ social media platforms, Google recently announced plans to launch a new social media app.

Introducing Shoelace, an app that aims to bring people together in real life, not just digitally, through common interests and activities.

What is the lace

“Shoelace is a mobile app that helps connect people with common interests through in-person activities. It’s great for people who have recently moved to a city or are looking to meet other people who live nearby. (Lace)

Shoelace’s mission is to use technology to facilitate a connection in the real world, to “bind people together based on their interests, like two laces on a shoe.” This is done through activities that Shoelace calls “Loops”.

Boost your social life

With handpicked activities that you prefer, you can easily find other people who share your interests. Because meeting new people is much easier and fun when you have things in common. Users can also create their own events and invite others to accompany them. Besides finding new people, users can also invite non-shoelace users to events.

Users will also be able to create profiles to share information about themselves and learn more about others. Facilitate the organization and planning of events.

Handpicked activities

Each day, handpicked activities will take place around users. Users select topics that interest them, such as dogs, sports, wine, art, books, running, and more. Shoelace will then show users what is going on around them that day for users to participate in the real world.

Focus on a human connection

The goal of Shoelace is to encourage people to meet in person. The Shoelace app is part of a larger Google effort to address concerns that smartphones and other modern technologies are having a negative effect on mental health.

While Google hasn’t been entirely successful in the social media arena, it’s a nice change to see a social site that aims to encourage people to spend more time face-to-face and less time on the phone or on the phone. the computer.

Invitation only

Currently, Shoelace is only available in New York. Google’s goal is to bring Shoelace to cities across the United States in the future. Google is currently accepting requests for suggestions on upcoming destinations.

Sign up to share your suggestions and join the invitation list when / if it is launched in your area.


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