Ludhiana: Now file your blackout complaints on social media sites | Ludhiana News


LUDHIANA: In order to resolve public grievances related to power cuts during the hot summer months, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) launched the public complaints service on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for quick turnaround.
Although the power company has set up a focal point complaints center within the city limits to handle power failure complaints among local industrialists and consumers and has circulated a complaint number to the statewide 1912 to deal with power outages, but this did not prove successful.
Speaking to the chief engineer of PSPCL (Ludhiana division), Dr Daljit Inderpal Grewal, he said that to deal with issues such as power outages, power theft and tempering of meters, the company Electricity had started the public compliance service on social networking sites and people. could easily go to the utility company department with their complaints for quick repair.
Now people can contact the PSPCL by simply logging into Facebook with and writing down their complaints or issues with their address and house number so that the officials concerned can reach them easily.
“People can also write their complaints on Twitter. They can visit the PSPCL’s Twitter account and register their complaint. For Instagram, you can file a complaint at The power company department’s WhatsApp number is 9646106835 and people can message that number, ”the chief engineer said.
PSPCL sources said, “The demand for power in the district has reached nearly three times compared to the winter months. Due to excessive use of voltage on high current cables, cases of power failure have increased. Cases of illegal connections and tempering of meters were observed in excessive numbers during the summer, as people normally resort to illegal means of reducing their energy consumption.
On the other hand, local industrialist Suresh Arora said earlier that only one issue had been broadcast by the PSPCL, which had created a lot of problems for them. But after the new service, a large number of people could easily raise their grievances to the PSPCL.


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