Long-term dating and social networking app for serious singles launched today


Ex-Amazon tax lawyer launches dating app

MERCER ISLAND, WASHINGTON, USA, July 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lindi Tardif, Founder and CEO of Long-Term Relationship Connect (LTRconnect), today announced the launch of a new dating and social media app, LTRc. The app, which will initially be available for free in the US, is designed for serious singles looking for their life partner.

LTRc is focused on serving a niche market of people who share the same mindset – that finding a long term relationship is important. Tardif, an international tax attorney with considerable experience in big tech, is dedicated to helping singles find love. Her background in online dating and technology makes her the perfect person to create this unique dating experience.

“I got divorced six years ago after being married to my ex, whom I met online in 2001 while still living in Johannesburg. When I came back to the online dating scene, I discovered – to my surprise – that it had indeed changed dramatically,” Tardif said. “When I started online dating in 2001, there was this implicit assumption that all online daters were looking for a long-term partner, but when I went back I found that wasn’t necessarily the case anymore.”

Tardif was able to draw on his knowledge and experience of working with digital businesses to create a socially interactive, dynamic, authentic and aesthetic platform that connects singles looking for a serious relationship.

LTRc is about to revolutionize the way people connect online. Unlike other apps that only allow users to set up a static profile with just a few lines about themselves and a few photos, on LTRc members are allowed to create dynamic profiles through the updater tool. activity. This tool allows members to share updates on their interests, activities, values ​​and personalities with others, who can then comment on these updates. This allows deeper levels of engagement to take place between users before they move their connections offline. As a result, LTRc creates a more meaningful, authentic, and rewarding online dating experience that should lead to longer-lasting relationships.

For more information, visit ltrconnect.com. To get started today, download the app for free from the App store and google play.


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