London-based business networking app raises $ 2.7 million with ‘ad-free’ pledge


A London-based digital community and professional networking app raised $ 2.7 million in seed funding through its ad-free engagement.

Guild, aims to establish itself as an alternative to LinkedIn and What’s App for business purposes. It has an enterprise SaaS business model and is free to join.

Seed funding comes from existing angel investors including Tim Weller (Founder, Incisive Media), Ben Heald (Founder, Sift), Victoria Mellor (Co-Founder, Melcrum) and Alex Martinez (Co-Founder, Procurement Leaders).

The investment will be used for further product development, including integrations and payments, and to invest in marketing to grow the user base, as Guild moves towards a Series A funding cycle in 2022.

Ashley Friedlein, Founder and CEO of Guild, said: “We knew networking and community were important when we created Guild, but 2020 has proven how important it matters and how our current platforms are. not suitable for work.

“We launched Guild to create a platform and ecosystem for professional communities and networks as easy to use as WhatsApp or LinkedIn, but without the ads that lead to privacy concerns, too much noise and a poor user experience.

“Investing is at an exciting stage and shows the confidence of our existing investors in how Guild can unlock the value of professional communities.

Ashley continued, “Beyond the exchange of expertise and knowledge, we have a vision for community-powered market networks where professionals can monetize their expertise directly and globally. We are now building the infrastructure and membership base to prepare for external funding in 12-18 months.

Michelle Goodall, CMO of Guild, commented: “In an age where other business-driven social networks are focusing on growing ad revenue at the expense of user experience, we are focusing on community power. and connections and create the best professional environment for that.

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