Introducing SpaceTym®: the first-of-its-kind event networking app that’s revolutionizing people-to-people connections in the digital age


Why do we attend certain events? Whether it’s concerts, sporting events, conferences, seminars or even social gatherings, what makes you want to attend? Chances are the reasoning boils down to one key thing: it’s what interests us and is part of what makes us who we are. Together, we join a collective of like-minded people who share similar interests, business ventures and curiosities; but how do individuals network and connect amid the digital renaissance? Exchanging business cards is definitely becoming a practice of the past and modern problems need to be solved with the help of modern solutions.

The truth is, breaking the ice in social or professional settings can sometimes be daunting, even anxiety-provoking, but one company is on a mission to revolutionize the way we connect with those who share the same space and time on any given occasion. . SpaceTym® is a cutting-edge event networking application that allows users to chat, connect and network with like-minded people in a particular social setting or event with the click of a button.

SpaceTym® creates a safe and transparent space for users to instantly find out who’s who, engage in group chats with attendees, invite people for private one-on-one chat, send requests login, share status messages and more without ever leaving their seat. The perfect tool for event attendees and promoters, SpaceTym® adds an instant boost to audience participation and engagement. Event organizers and promoters receive strategic insights to understand audience analytics and engagement at a given event, a space to collect RSVPs and get user-generated content, and a platform promotion, all in one place.

The new tech startup born in the heart of Silicon Valley seeks to breathe new life into interpersonal relationships after nearly two years of confinement and isolation. SpaceTym® offers a new realm of opportunity for event planners, venues, promoters, hosts and talent to promote and market events while simultaneously creating space for others to find meaningful connections.

“In today’s digital age where we’re always striving to make new connections, whether it’s sending cold emails, random LinkedIn/Facebook requests – why not also make sure to maintain all connections we make in our real lives?”

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation and an unwavering commitment to cultivating meaningful connections in the digital age; SpaceTym’s goal-oriented vision has come to fruition.

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About SpaceTym®

SpaceTym® is a revolutionary event networking app designed to cultivate powerful connections for those who share the same time and space at any given event. SpaceTym® allows users to chat, connect and network with the click of a button, without the need for private contact details and without ever leaving their seat. Spacetime refers to “any mathematical model that merges the three dimensions of space and the single dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold”. This very concept of Spacetime is the inspiration behind SpaceTym® – to allow users to instantly connect with the people they share space and time with. This ideal has become a focal point for interpersonal connection, but more often than not individuals choose to socialize only with those they know. SpaceTym® cultivates a safe, simple and seamless platform where like-minded people sharing the same space at the same time can connect and interact on a deeper level. Perfect for any event, virtual or in-person, SpaceTym® lets users chat, connect, and find out who’s who without ever leaving their seat.


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