ibble Launches Social Networking App With One of the Largest Series Seed Fundings in Texas History

ibble, a new social media app for people to spark conversations and spark new ideas, has received $12.7 million, the largest series seed funding round in Texas history. Drive Capital led the round, followed by TTV Capital, Unknown Ventures and Get Engaged Media.

The investment in ibble comes amid companies’ overwhelming frustrations with current social media platforms as they increasingly cut back on content; delete conversations and restrict engagement.

“ibble is a social media app built on the idea of ​​learning through conversations and having the ability to speak directly with the experts without the friction that currently exists on traditional social media apps and platforms. “said Raymond Kaminski, CEO and co-founder of nibble. “We believe talking with your community, not in your community, through the power of audio and video can spark more meaningful conversations and create more insightful engagement.”

ibble’s mission is to help people connect and learn from experts through the power of video and audio chat. Users can ask questions directly to experts and spark conversations with their peers, naturally expanding frictionless, candid conversations. Is an expert always right? No of course not. We believe that what makes someone an “expert” is their relentless search for the truth on a certain subject and their willingness to share it.

For people who have been frustrated with structured, ad-driven social media platforms that stifle conversations and aren’t easily suited for video and audio chat, the solution is ibble – the team-built social media app distinguished from entrepreneurs who believe that conversations and connections must have a healthy environment to thrive and grow in the digital age.

“Brands, celebrities, influencers, news, sports personalities and many more are looking for new ways to engage, but it’s nearly impossible given the limitations of today’s social media apps and platforms,” ​​said said Irving Lee, co-founder and Head of Partnerships at ibble. “We built ibble knowing that authenticity isn’t found in a like, comment, or status update, and how could it do that? ibble provides a platform that celebrates real conversations with people. real people and conversations that reflect real conversations; conversations you can jump in and out of.”

With ibble, anything is possible through the power of conversation. Users can start a video or audio chat on their favorite show. They can also ask their favorite influencer or celebrity a question and get an answer with the click of a button. ibble makes conversation easier because ibble has made conversation possible through social media, emphasizing the natural flow of conversations and questions.

For brands, shows, influencers, celebrities and more, ibble has made it easy to communicate directly with members of their community without having to worry about being strangled or advertising competing brands while they communicate with them.

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