How Umii University Networking App Tackles Student Loneliness and Its International Projects Prolific North


It “means less pressure on mental health support at university because […] it gives them a good social experience and they are more likely to stay in college, ”she said.

She explained how the app has a customizable mental health section that can be used by universities. At the University of Hull, for example, she said they’ve set up their own mental health and wellness helpline.

“Loneliness and isolation is a mental health issue. We want to make sure that if someone feels that way, they know where the support is, ”she said.

“When I was in college I didn’t really know there was this support or that I needed this support and maybe if it was more obvious I would have used it,” she added.

Student matches and security

The Umii app allows students to create a profile within their own university network and to partner with other students to form friendships based on mutual interests, companies or courses they choose.

The platform sends each user 3-5 matches per day, where they can choose to interact with other students in the same way as any other social messaging platform.

“It’s been really good for us to see these real connections come into the real world and get some case studies on them now,” she said.

“The backup is huge for us. With Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats, anyone can access them. This leaves students open to promoters and catfishers to crooks trying to write their essays for them, ”she said.

To ensure that the app puts the safety of its users first, she said the app is working with its university partners using an online tool developed by Manchester tech company Culture Shift called ” Report + Support ”. The tool offers students the option to report any issues to the university, if they wish to do so directly.

“We usually have someone at the university who is a welfare contact that we can also have contact with if something is going on in this aspect,” she said, of the number of protective measures in place.

If there are negative interactions through the app, a user can also report or block another student who “triggers” an action on the Umii system for the team to review.

“We are also working on the development of a code of conduct that will be visible when you first register. This will be worked on with our university partners and student unions, ”she said.


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