How Students Can Make the Most of Professional Networking Sites


When it comes to social media, many of us, especially Gen Zers, go the extra mile to make sure our profiles look good. However, most of us don’t have the same dedication to professional networking platforms, which could hamper potential employment opportunities.

According to recent data from LinkedInFull-profile job seekers are 71% more likely to get a job interview because recruiters can easily check if your “professional demeanor and personality” matches the company culture.

Likewise, when using Hand shakea recruitment platform for college students, 80% of students who completed their profile were contacted by recruiters.

CNBC Make It sat down with Christine Cruzvergara, head of education strategy at Handshake, to find out her top tips for getting the most out of professional networking platforms for students.

Complete your profile — thoroughly

Cruzvergara says the most important thing job seekers can do to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers is complete their profiles. And that means more than the most basic information.

“Anyone who’s going to look for you is going to go to your profile,” Cruzvergara told CNBC Make It. “If you contact someone, they’ll probably check your profile before they respond, so make sure you spend some time filling it out.”

“Complete your experience, fill in what interests you, and be sure to note the geographies you would be open to. Note whether or not you are interested in part-time or full-time opportunities right now. And note your industries of interest. interest in the duties of your position you are considering.”

The more information you add to your profile, the more your name will appear when recruiters search for candidates.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities

Not only does Handshake allow students to search for jobs, but there are several opportunities on the platform for students who may not yet know what career field they want to pursue.

“You can book an appointment with your career center directly on Handshake…meet professionals who can give you strategies and activities that will help you begin to discern what interests you. gives you energy? will your strengths be put to the best use? »

Students can also sign up for Handshake webinars, panels, and information sessions for companies or organizations that may be of interest to them. LinkedIn also offers webinars and courses through LinkedIn Learning, which offers video courses for different business skills.

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