How Meetrz, a New Real-Time Networking App, Got 5,000 Downloads in Its First 48 Hours


OREM, Utah, June 19, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Meetrz, a new app that connects entrepreneurs and business travelers with live local users who want to meet in real time, announced that it received 5,000 downloads in its first 48 hours of release. in line. Positive feedback is not a common feat even for the highest percentage of downloaded apps.

Meetrz founder Sean Whalen is new to the tech space, but he is widely known as a groundbreaking coach and speaker who shares his raw and honest ideas about business, society and success. Whalen says he created Meetrz because he wanted to provide a anti-social media — a platform that would eliminate bloated connection lists, avoid unpredictable algorithms, and connect people instantly and organically.

“As a businessman who hates wasting time, I created Meetrz to give professionals the power to instantly connect with someone who could ultimately change their business, their sales or very possibly their life,” Whalen shares. “Meetrz uses geolocation technology to only show you other nearby users who want to connect and meet right now. “

Whalen launched the iOS version of Meetrz in March 2019, but he only shared it with his followers on Instagram. In the first 48 hours, Meetrz was downloaded 5,000 times and Whalen attributes the success to the app’s three disruptive features.

1. Maximize networking time, wherever users are

When users log into Meetrz, they see a live stream of local people who are also using the app in real time. It allows users to raise their hands and say, “I’m here and I want to meet someone now”. Whalen says the app’s technology will benefit millions of business travelers, whether they want to meet on a layover or make new connections at a business conference.

2. Minimize distractions

Meetrz flips the script on long bios found on other platforms by offering a minimum profile, which boils down to three things: what you do, what you like and what you want. The response is limited to one sentence, so users are forced to change their bios. This allows other users to quickly notify everyone nearby who is ready to meet, and choose only like-minded professionals they want to network with.

3. Build new, beneficial relationships

Meetrz is the only social app that facilitates real-time face-to-face and offline engagement, so users can ignore the tedious, back-and-forth messages found on most platforms. “The only users you’ll see are the ones who are live and want to meet right now – no more games, no more waiting,” Whalen shares. Its intention is to bring spontaneity back to networking by breaking down barriers between working professionals who wish to develop their relationships.

The next goal: one million users after six months

Meetrz is now available for iOS and Android phones, and Whalen says he has big plans for his app. “It took Tinder a year to gain a million users after launch. We believe Meetrz can do it in six months after launch.” In order to achieve rapid and steady growth, Whalen has assembled a board of directors of highly influential people, including 55 income-generating social media influencers. He says their willingness and willingness to support Meetrz is a sign of the app’s innovative solution to outdated network applications that exist today.

About Meetrz

Meetrz is a new app delivering instant, organic and real connections to business people around the world. With its short and innovative approach to networking, the app offers immediate real-world and real-time connections with other nearby users.


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