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On the small business scale or in the corporate world, launching a product or service requires a campaign. Executing a successful campaign can be the deciding factor that puts the product or service in a leading position. Events play an important role in campaigns, marketing and advertising. Having great event planning skills has a direct impact on your campaign performance. There are several online offerings with event planning courses to help your business maximize the results of your campaigns.

Popular Event Planning Courses

Here is a list of the most popular online event planning courses to help guide your business at your next event.

Event Planning: Learn how to plan a big event

Event Planning: Learning how to plan a great event involves all the elements and processes needed to write an effective event plan. With an introduction to the event industry, the course will show you how to properly research your event, marketing and social media, budgeting and sponsorship, permits and licensing, and choosing a venue and site survey.

Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing and Management

Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing and Management explains how to manage a successful event, from planning to execution. You will learn how to write sponsorship proposals, master communication channels, write a business plan for your event, contingency planning, volunteer retention, vendor management, branding your event and event design.

How to plan a virtual event and reach your audience online

How to Plan a Virtual Event and Reach Your Online Audience teaches you how to plan, organize and execute your virtual event. Lessons include virtual event formats and business models you can use for your event. It also includes the event schedule and content, the virtual event technology to be used, and the personnel required.

Certified event planning: sponsors, volunteers, 100,000 events

Certified Event Planning: Sponsors, Volunteers, 100,000 Events show you how to turn your local event into an international event. Free and paid events and how to make money from them, attracting brands to sponsor your event, infrastructure branding, corporate sales and sponsorship, human resources and team building , including insurance and liability protection, are some of the topics covered.

How to Organize Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors

How to Host Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors teaches you the 48 industry secrets to making you more money and attracting more people to your events. Starting with the mindset, lessons include event planning strategies, sponsorships, and getting freebies like venues, food, drinks, and explosive event marketing tactics .

Event management for beginners

Event Management for Beginners teaches you different aspects of event management, from planning to executing and monitoring to reviewing your event. He will answer all WH questions from the event. Starting with why the event is needed, it will cover what are the scopes, when, where and how it should be organized along with who it is organized for.

Event Planning: 1.5-Hour Intensive Course and How-To Guide

This intensive 1.5 hour event planning course and how-to guide is a step-by-step guide to organizing your event starting with initial planning including budgeting with Excel. This relates to using the Gantt chart, planning, marketing, distributing press releases, connecting with sponsors and cash flow, follow-up emails during the event, management and management post-event.

Event Decor Technology

This Event Decor Technology workshop is prepared for decorators and planners to educate you on the design rules for decorating facilities. It covers frameworks, legs and platform stability, canvas stretching, films and knurling, revision of plastics and other materials, decor furniture, electrical and lighting, the manufacture of PVC structures, etc.

Strategic Event Planning Company

Strategic Event Planning Business shows you how to start an event planning business and provides you with the skills of exceptional planners and managers. You will learn how to define your event, develop a business plan, develop the necessary networks and staff, study the characteristics and reasons for event failure, and develop a way to measure the success of your event. event.

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management

This ultimate guide teaches the techniques and skills needed to become an excellent planner. Divided into 11 sections, this 4-hour course covers creating corporate events, planning weddings, conducting with clients, finding venues, dealing with vendors and building relationships, budgeting , branding and design, staffing and use of CANVA for design.

An event can mean anything, such as networking events, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, corporate retreats or wedding ceremonies. Mentioned above are self-paced courses containing progress tests. Courses award a certificate of completion and lifetime access to learning materials, including videos. And for those with reservations, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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