Google is working on an online networking app called Shoelace that aims to take you offline – Technology News, Firstpost


Even after the closing of Google+which was supposed to be a competitor of Facebook, but it never got to where Google imagined itthe company would work on another social network.

Google Experimental Area 120 unit would be behind a new platform called Shoelace, which is apparently an online social network that will help people get together offline. Nice juxtaposition?

Google lace.

According to Shoelace’s website, this “matchmaking” is based on interest and choice, and as a result, the app matches you with like-minded people for various pursuits. These match-makings could be hand-picked or bespoke. Basically, if you’re new in town, for example, you can use the app to find more people with the same interest as yours, maybe someone to go to the gym with or someone who likes to swim.

Moreover, whether your friends use Shoelace or not, you will be able to share your interests with them as well.

And if you’re wondering, ‘why this name?’, by the website“Shoelace’s principle is to bind people together based on their interests – like two laces on a shoe. We do this through activities – which are aptly called ‘Loops’.”

android font interestingly points out that Google has already flirted with this concept. In 2011 he launched Schmerwhich aimed to do much the same as Shoelace.

Notably, however, the Shoelace app is currently being tested in invite-only mode in New York. There is also no solid news on the public app. It will probably depend on the first performance of the application.


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