Good news! MOME launches Masters courses in English language


Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) is launching its first Masters courses entirely in English. In 2021, the Foundation for the University of Art and Design Moholy-Nagy, maintainer of the institution, asked the university to ensure the launch of at least two master’s programs in English per year for three years from fall 2022. The first two master’s degree programs in English will be photography and interaction design.

“Our goal is to make MOME the most prestigious university in Central Europe by 2030. This will require English courses competitive with those offered by Western universities and which can attract talent from the Baltic to the Western Balkans. . Hungarian students will also benefit from the arrival of foreign students by improving their language skills and networking. Last but not least, strengthening our ties at a personal and professional level will be beneficial for Hungary and the whole of Central Europe ”,

underlined Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, President of the MOME Foundation.

“It is symbolic that one of our first two master’s programs in English begins in photography, a recognized and popular field of study for decades and closely linked to the work of László Moholy-Nagy, while the other is a new and decidedly futuristic that aims to harness the potential of the digital age. Tradition and commitment to the future together embody the spirit of MOME ”,

said József Fülöp, Rector of MOME.

Until April 2022, MOME will promote the new masters courses in the region with the help of a targeted communication campaign, with special emphasis on undergraduate art students in Belgrade, Brno, Krakow, Ljubljana, ódź, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw.

The price of the courses from now on will be relatively high compared to those offered in the region, but there will be a special scholarship program for the best applicants from Central Europe.

Naturally, English courses will also be available for Hungarian students with the usual state-funded options, even up to the full cost of their studies.

MOME changes model

Since August 2020, the 142-year-old Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) has been operating under a foundation framework.

As part of the change of model, MOME has defined a long-term strategy, renewed its research & development activities, launched the digitalization of the university’s internal processes and started to modernize its training courses. In addition to traditionally high-quality education in art and design, starting in 2022, MOME will introduce entrepreneurial training for all undergraduates and launch its first masters programs in English. In 2021, MOME’s budget almost quadrupled, and the foundation also decided to grant the largest salary increase to teachers in the history of Hungarian higher education.

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