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Workplace information company Glassdoor has acquired the professional social networking app Fishbowl through Glassdoor’s parent company, Recruit Holdings, the companies announced Tuesday night.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The agreement will help Glassdoor expand its transparency efforts in the workplace and provide users with more information about where they want to work, said Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor. The companies closed the deal in the first week of September.

“Fishbowl will help Glassdoor power the future of transparency in the workplace,” said Sutherland-Wong. “Our concern is that when people are looking for career advice and where to work, they can get answers.”

Starting Wednesday, employees and job seekers on Glassdoor will see relevant Fishbowl conversations from people working in related companies and industries, as long as they have a Fishbowl account. Job seekers and employees can click through conversations and visit Fishbowl, known as Fishbowl by Glassdoor, to view company news feeds, industry “bowls” or hubs and special interests.

Glassdoor will not terminate the Fishbowl brand. Glassdoor also plans to add Fishbowl’s more than 800 employees to its team, while continuing to maintain a “work from where you need to” model. Glassdoor declined to disclose joint workforce and income.

In a time called a ‘big resignation’, onboarding comes as more than two-thirds (69%) of employees said they wish they could find out more about the team they would work with when they decided to move on. accept a job. Nearly two in three employees (64%) would like a way to ask questions of their industry peers across the country, according to a Glassdoor survey conducted by Harris Poll. Additionally, nearly half (45%) of employees plan to work full-time or hybrid remotely in the future.

“Isolation [people have experienced] Because of working from home, professional communities are all the more important to the everyday professional, ”said Matt Sunbulli, CEO and co-founder of Fishbowl.

Since launching in 2016, Fishbowl has grown to include over one million users, with the average user visiting three to four times per week. Before posting any articles or commenting on Fishbowl, users have the option to choose how they represent themselves for each comment they make, for example by job title, company they work for or their full name, title and business.

Over the past year, Fishbowl has become a sounding board for employee morale and return-to-office policies.

Likewise, Glassdoor, a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings, has grown to reach 55 million job seekers and employees per month, collecting 95 million reviews and information for more than 1.7 million employees. companies around the world.

Glassdoor is part of Recruit Holdings’ HR technology business unit, which includes sister company Indeed. The unit posted quarterly revenue of $ 1.7 billion, a 149% year-over-year increase in the second quarter. Recruit Holdings reported quarterly revenue of $ 6.1 billion over the same period.


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