Expert Dr. Jon Wilhelm, attends DNS B and vestibular rehabilitation courses in the Czech Republic


Jon Wilhelm

MONTANA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / — Southwest Montana local expert sports chiropractor Dr. Jon Wilhelm is taking DNS B and Vestibular Rehab classes in the Czech Republic at the School of Prague rehabilitation.
Education does not end when one completes required schooling or courses. It’s a journey of a lifetime because there’s always some kind of new progression and innovation. Although chiropractic studies have been around for over a hundred years, there are new advances in treatments and technology to better help and heal the patient. In order to learn about the latest developments in sports chiropractic care, Dr. Wilhelm attended a multi-day symposium in Prague at the Prague School of Rehabilitation. It is very well known and one of the most prestigious rehabilitation schools in Europe and the world. Since Dr. Wilhelm likes to see the world, this was the perfect opportunity to broaden his knowledge of sports chiropractic and satisfy his wanderlust around the world.
The first Vestibular Rehabilitation Conference was led by Associate Professor Dr. Ondrej Cakrt, Ph.D. He specializes in vertigo and balance issues. This part of the course was designed to teach students how to clinically assess patients with vertigo and how to perform vestibular rehabilitation in conjunction with manual medicine procedures according to DNS concepts and Rehabilitation Prague School in patients with BPPV, vestibular loss unilateral and central dizziness. . Vestibular rehabilitation is based on improving the natural phenomenon called vestibular compensation that occurs after acute vestibular loss. Central compensation involves three main mechanisms: adaptation, substitution and habituation. This natural compensation supported by adapted rehabilitation strategies aims to compensate and/or correct underused or misused visual, proprioceptive and vestibular inputs involved in postural control.
The remaining days, Dr. Wilhelm spent deepening his knowledge and understanding of DNS, which is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stimulation. It was a three-day course that included instruction from the founder of DNS himself, Pavel Kolar. Instruction was provided by several qualified Prague School of Rehabilitation staff, including Zuzana Suzan, MPT and Veronika Cmolikova, MPT, providing a wealth of hands-on knowledge and hands-on training.
The DNS is a rehabilitation strategy based on the interrelation of the developing child and the neuro-physiological maturation of the postural-locomotor system. Maturation of postpartum central nervous system and muscle function is related to anatomical maturation and morphological development. Postural activity occurs automatically during CNS maturation through coordinated muscle activity. The development of the posture begins with the head and descends from the trunk to the pelvis, then finally to the extremities. In other words, as children develop from babies to toddlers to children, they must learn to control their ever-growing bodies in order to stand and move efficiently. DNS exercises are designed to stimulate and challenge the development of the postural-locomotor system in various ways, thereby promoting healthier and faster development. One of the primary goals of DNS is to optimize movement patterns and coordination so that children or adults can perform activities of daily living with greater ease and less effort, thereby becoming more efficient in their movements, which leads to greater endurance and longevity.
This symposium not only taught Dr. Wilhelm the latest techniques, technologies, and theories in rehabilitation care, but also inspired him to continue using these approaches with his patients at his home in Montana. He is always looking for ways to improve his practice and provide his patients with the highest quality of care. His motto is Helping Athletes Achieve™ and education is one of the ways he works to improve the treatment he provides to his patients. He was also able to network with other healthcare providers around the world and find out how they practice in their respective countries and get tips and tricks to improve his practice. As travel usually is, it was a truly eye-opening experience for Dr. Wilhelm, and he is extremely honored and happy to have been able to take a course in physical medicine at one of the most distinguished schools in Europe and perhaps to be of the world.

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