Event networking app by SpaceTym Inc.


Break the ice between you and the room and instantly connect with the people you share an experience with – via SpaceTym®!

Share Space and Time with tens, hundreds or thousands of people around you? Wish you could instantly connect with everyone you share an experience with and strike up a conversation – getting to know them, socializing, networking and making new connections? Well, SpaceTym® lets you do just that!

Attend a social gathering, networking event or conference, or just be in the middle of an action with tons of people around you – SpaceTym® lets you instantly connect with everyone at the venue and start a conversation! Never regret a single lost moment, an uncaptured memory or a lost connection again!

Start conversations, get to know like-minded people and be part of your community with just one click! If you are in a crowded room, mingling, socializing and networking with a group of people, why spend countless hours trying to get each of their contact details when you can connect with everyone in the room? , instantly?

Whether you already share space and time with people or want to connect with people you’ve never met, SpaceTym® lets you do just that and more.

Gone are the days when you had to take hundreds of business cards to an event or conference or present a pot to your neighbor. With SpaceTym®, you can simply search for nearby SpaceTym® events or create your own!

Met the “girl of your dreams” at a wedding, but can’t find the time to get her number? Did you manage to network with an important client, but completely forgot to get their contact details? Have you moved to a new neighborhood and are looking to connect with your community?

Whatever your situation, SpaceTym® is the social networking platform that gives you the tools you need to seamlessly connect with those around you.

Who are we?

Space-time refers to “any mathematical model that merges the three dimensions of space and the single dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold.”

A spatiotemporal event refers to any physical occurrence at a specific time and place.

With this, we’ve taken the concept of sharing space and time with those around you and integrated it into the most convenient way to do it – with a location-based chat app!

Whether you are attending a class and looking to start a quiet group conversation with your classmates or attend a sporting event and want to cheer on your team with other fans, no matter where you are, what you do or who you plan on connecting, SpaceTym® lets you network with those around you without the embarrassment or mountain of business cards.

All you have to do is create a new SpaceTym® event and you’re good to go!

â—‰ Participate in a group discussion with all participants
Browse profiles
Exchange messages, photos and videos
Invite people for a private chat 1-1
â—‰ Send connection invitations and create new contacts

…That’s not all!

Are you an event planner or promoter and want to advertise your events to local people? Or are you just interested in organizing a meeting? Publish your event and let the world know. You want to organize a private event: create a private / invitation-only event and invite your contacts to join it. You want to make your public event more private: set up an event access code for attendees and avoid unwanted guests. And have complete control over who can access your event – choose between people physically present at the event venue or expand your event coverage to include the entire city – it’s all up to you!

We care about happy memories, which is why every event you attend or host is captured in your SpaceTym® journey. Return to a certain Space & Time and relive the exciting moments of life.

Record the trip of a lifetime as you travel through time and space, experience and meet new people, and keep all of your memories with you forever!

Happy SpaceTym Travel â„¢!


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