EtherWAN Launches Free Online Learning Platform With ITS And Safety Networking Courses


“At EtherWAN, we believe in zero distance between us and our customers,” says Marketing and Product Director, Jim toepper, at EtherWAN. “We strive to make our products and services as accessible as possible, so by offering tailor-made networking courses and making them available online, we aim to minimize the learning curve of networking and maximize efficiency. “

With topics like Introduction to intelligent transport systems and Fundamentals of Wireless Communications, EtherWAN offers a wide range of courses aimed at a wide audience, from traffic engineers to city executives. This free service, available on desktop and mobile, offers engaging presentations, instructional videos, and quizzes to help you maintain and apply course material. Visit for more information and free registration.

In addition to their online training, EtherWAN brings you direct learning with in-person courses on-site across the country. Learn from certified network engineers in ITS courses and in a Bicsi approved safety course, eligible for 4 Bicsi continuing education credits. With hands-on demonstrations that simulate real-world applications, EtherWAN’s in-person training is a great complement to the material offered on EtherWAN Academy. For more information on EtherWAN’s training offerings, visit their website.

About EtherWAN Systems, Inc.

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of Ethernet, PoE, wireless, media, and fiber connectivity products designed for demanding environments. Founded over twenty years ago by engineers from NASA and based in Anaheim, California, EtherWAN’s expertise lies in urban infrastructure connectivity solutions that make communities safe and secure. From products designed and manufactured in-house to implementation and support for customers of all sizes, EtherWAN achieves an unmatched level of reliability and quality for applications where connectivity is crucial. Visit for more information.

Press contact:
Jim toepper
Marketing and Product Director
[email protected]
714-779-3800 ext. 131

SOURCE EtherWAN Systems, Inc.

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