EntNetwrk social networking app launched


EntNetwrk, a social networking app, is a platform intended only for budding talent in the entertainment world. The digital platform was launched to bridge the gap between artists and the entertainment industry. The platform aims to bring the world of artists together under one roof. Artists can collaborate from anywhere in the world and connect with like-minded creators to explore opportunities to team up virtually or on location.

The networking app helps budding artists connect with experts in the entertainment industry and allows them to showcase their talent. EntNetwrk is a virtual talent manager and coach for aspiring artists. The app serves as a platform for artists to participate in various skill enhancement programs such as workshops and internships. Through our programs, users can assess their talent virtually anywhere in India and abroad.

Our mobile app has a unique feature – Creative Corner – which allows users to download movie scripts, lyrics, screenplays, poems, etc. We review work samples, and after careful consideration, share the selected content with production houses, music producers, studios, and more.

The platform also offers job opportunities to talents in their region. Users can work with industry without moving their base. EntNetwrk also provides a way to connect with like-minded people in the industry, build their own fan by showcasing talent, and advance their careers in entertainment.

EntNetwrk founder Deepansh Malhotra says their platform is the key to revolutionizing the entertainment industry. He says, “I’ve seen a lot of talented young people drop out, due to the lack of connections with the right people in the entertainment industry. There was a need in the industry and the idea arose to help people start their own journey with a dedicated platform, which makes it easy to connect with pillars of the industry. With EntNetwrk, we aim to bridge the gap by streamlining talent acquisition and networking in the entertainment fraternity.

With over 45 entertainment categories to choose from, EntNetwrk breaks social norms and gives credit to every artist in every industry.

Recognized by tech conglomerates like Facebook and Google, EntNetwrk is a unique networking platform intended exclusively for the entertainment industry.

“For those who are still struggling with their entertainment journey or who aspire to pursue their talent in a professional manner, EntNetwrk is a unique platform in the industry. We aim to provide equal and better opportunities for all. It also offers great opportunities and features for businesses in and around entertainment looking to grow, ”adds Harshit Malhotra, co-founder of EntNetwrk.

EntNetwrk is currently booming with a large user base and positive word of mouth from its users, including celebrities and production houses. One can start to pursue the career of his dreams simply by connecting for free to the networking platform available on Google Play and App Store.

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