easyJet relaunches Fearless Flyer courses


For some, fear of flying is a serious thing and can affect how or whether they travel. easyJet is to relaunch its fearless flyer Classes.

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The course, which has helped over 9,000 people so far, starts at £69 per person. The course includes a A brand new virtual element to the curriculum, the easyJet Fearless Flyer course is divided into three main parts:

  • A virtual ground coursewhere top phobia expert Lawrence Leyton and a senior easyJet captain will explain the unusual sounds and sensations customers experience on board an aircraft and teach them a unique set of mental techniques to manage their nerves.
  • One hour pre-flight “Meet the Team” online Zoom session, where attendees will be guided through the airport experience and what to expect. There will also be a Q&A for attendees where phobia expert Lawrence and an easyJet pilot will answer any last minute questions.
  • And finally, a special 1-hour experience flight from the course airport, where guests put their new skills to the test while listening to live flight commentary by the Fearless Flyer crew.

You can take the courses online and complete the experience flight at UK airports including London Gatwick, London Luton, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast International airports.

For course passengers who want more premium treatment, there are new courses which, in addition to the standard course, include additional exclusive benefits including a dedicated captain to guide you through the day of experience flight, a private group Zoom call with a pilot and the Fearless Flyer team, a premium VIP check-in, security and boarding process for the Experience Flight, guaranteed seats in advance and lifetime access to additional course material.

A limited number of places on the courses are now available on fearlessflyer.easyjet.com

Air Experiences operate on the following dates:

Airport Date
London Gatwick Sunday May 15
London Luton Saturday June 18
Bristol Sunday May 22
Manchester Saturday May 7
Edinburgh Friday May 27
Belfast Wednesday, June 8

In inverted commas

Captain Chris Foster, lead pilot of Fearless Flyer at easyJet, said:

“We are delighted to relaunch our popular Fearless Flyer course for 2022, with courses now available to book across the UK.

The course is suitable for anyone who flies nervously, whether they are feeling a little anxious or have never flown before and with a success rate of over 95% we encourage anyone wishing to overcome their fear to attend.

Mark Wein, director of easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course, commented:

“Around one in six people are afraid of flying, which prevents many from traveling abroad on holiday, visiting friends and family or even flying for work – and with With international travel back to normal after so long, now is a great opportunity to join so many people who have already overcome their fears through our popular Fearless Flyer course. We are excited to help many more customers on our course over the next few months – the results are life changing.

Jessica Matthews, who participated in the course, said:

“Booking the Fearless Flyer course was the best decision I have ever made. It was my first time on a plane alone and I found the experience exhilarating. I would recommend this course to anyone who hates steal (like me) or who have a particular fear. Fear is a belief! You can do without it.”

Open Flight Experience

For many of us who grew up traveling or spent hours in a metal tube, we all have our own coping mechanisms for flying (be it takeoff, cruise, bumpy skies, and landing ) that we have to deal with (or laugh depending on the situation).

For some people this is a totally alien environment where they have little or no control over the situation, every creak or noise being different for them.

Classes like this help people acclimate to the process of flying, the sounds as well as the experience of the airport and the stress it can cause – and it’s heartening to see that easyJet is organizing these courses updated to show people they are afraid of air travel. can be managed.

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