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a The Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) offers more than a hundred free short training courses, in the most diverse fields of knowledge, on its online platform. Among these learning programs, some focus on technology and data science.

When a grade of 7 (seven) or greater is achieved, the system creates a transcript to prove course attendance. The programs are self-learning, so that they can be implemented at the time most appropriate to the reality of each student.

To get started, all you need to do is register on the site. Below, see the free courses:

Credit: StartupStock Images/PixabayFree FGV Data Science and Technology Courses

the chapter “Installing, customizing and understanding the main features of R” Shows the installation of R and its supporting software. The course also discusses their distinctive characteristics, compared to point-and-click programs, characteristic of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

for 60 hours “Data Science” It brings examples of real applications of the extraction and generation of knowledge via data science, as well as discussions on the ethical aspects related to this new field of knowledge.

Chapter Introduction to data organization for multivariate analysis. It introduces the importance of organizing data in multivariate analyzes and lists the practices used in organizing and preparing data for analysis, with the aim of extracting as much information as possible about the available data and to ensure that the analyzes are carried out with robustness and productivity.

Credit: ThisIsEngineering/PexelsFGV offers a variety of free courses in many areas of activity thanks to the partnership with OEG

Introduction to complex networks: metrics for centralization. Networks deal with how they exist in our daily lives, in a variety of situations. In addition, the basic concepts of networks or graphs are introduced, as well as their definition and their methods of representation, the measurements made at vertices or edges and, finally, the classical algorithms that allow a basic analysis of graphs.

Chapter Introduction to Factor Analysis Techniques and Data Sets. It introduces a method of multivariate analysis, called factorial analysis, which makes it possible to determine the behavior of groups of variables or consumers. The course also discusses combined analysis, a tool that allows to predict the reaction of consumers to certain characteristics of products and services, which makes them of great importance in the field of management.

Topics in Machine Learning Introduces the student to the field of machine learning, introduces related learning methods and concepts. In the course, the student will develop a broad vision of machine learning, knowledge of SVMs (Support Vector Machines) and an understanding of unsupervised learning methods.

With the current demand for full-time interconnection, the field of information technology (IT) is becoming more and more important in the business world. Fundamentals of IT Management It introduces and discusses the role of technology in business and provides an overview of how IT operations affect business results.

FGV Free Course Series

Credit: ThisIsEngineering/PexelsFree FGV Data Science and Technology Courses

The field of information technology (IT) has taken on increasing importance in the corporate world with the current demand for full-time interconnection. the chapter The impact of information technologies on companies It introduces you to the concepts allowing you to understand how technology affects the traditional models of competitiveness advocated from the point of view of differentiation, cost and concentration, developed by Michael Carry.

The chapter Overexposure to the Internet It examines the problem and, through hypothetical and real cases, reveals some prevention practices and guidelines on how to act in circumstances where overexposure has actually occurred.

“Data for Good” Explains how to contribute to the use of information for the benefit of society. The course deals with skills and tools aimed at finding solutions to everyday problems.

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FGV offers a variety of free courses in different fields of activity thanks to the partnership with OEG – Open Education Global. As a member since 2008, the institution was the first Brazilian to join the consortium of educational institutions from countries offering free online content and educational materials.


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