Coursera: Women become climate leaders with new online courses


The Women4Climate (W4C) initiative of C40 and the L’Oréal Foundation strives to empower and inspire the next generation of women climate leaders. C40 is a network of mayors from nearly 100 global cities working together to address the climate crisis. The L’Oréal Foundation supports and empowers women to shape their future and make a difference in society, focusing on three main areas: scientific research, inclusive beauty and climate action. The Women4Climate initiative was launched by Anne Hidalgo, former president of C40 and Mayor of Paris, in 2017.

Through the W4C Mentorship Program, C40 and the L’Oréal Foundation match emerging women leaders with mentors around the world who can share their knowledge and provide guidance to women who are passionate about creating green and just solutions to climate change. The program has also launched an online course to help women build their climate leadership skills. Developed in partnership with the Columbia Climate School and CARE France, Developing skills for women’s leadership in climate action is now available on the Coursera platform.

Curriculum development for the new course began in 2020. In the process, W4C collaborated with mentees from the W4C Mentorship Program to assess learner needs, with Columbia Climate School for climate science content, and with CARE France for content focused on gender and climate. cash. Other contributors to the course include climate leaders and industry experts such as Inna Braverman, Louise Marix-Evans, Mary Anne Hitt, Natalie Isaacs, Renata Koch Alvarenga, David Miller, Luisa Miranda Morel, Vanessa Nakate, Lerato Ngakane, Alexandra Palt, Daniel Ruiz Carrascal, Caterina Sarfatti, Jeff Schlegelmilch, Muna Suleiman and Professor Laurence Tubiana.

With the development of the curriculum for the four-week course complete, the next step was to make the course accessible to women around the world. To achieve this, the L’Oréal Foundation and C40 turned to Coursera to help them promote the MOOC. Coursera’s private authoring tool has proven to be the ideal mechanism for distributing the W4C course, ensuring a great experience for every learner and democratizing access to content.

“We really wanted to make this course accessible to everyone, especially those who are not usually able to grant certificates,” says Marta Stencel, Women4Climate Community Manager. “Through the use of the private authoring tool, we are able to provide free certificates to any woman or girl who completes the course.”

To learn more and access the online course on the Coursera Private Authoring page, please register here.


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