Course catalog of 480 online courses and webinars by IAEA


The new e-learning course catalog makes it much more accessible for users to search and find online content than ever before, with keyword search, topical area and content type and filters allowing easy navigation among the 482 courses and webinars.

Some e-learning materials are also translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Course details can be accessed via a link on the Course Catalog page, which redirects the user to a page with more information about the course, such as main subjects, course duration and available languages.

What is CLP4NET?

CLP4NET is the IAEA’s external learning management system that supports capacity building and knowledge transfer by enabling the development and web-based delivery of learning resources in a cost-effective, scalable and user-friendly manner.

To access all CLP4NET content, new users must register. The first step is to create a user account on the IAEA NUCLEUS single sign-on system (click on the link to register).

Any NUCLEUS user can enroll in all free, open, i.e. self-directed, e-learning courses. For instructor-led training courses, an invitation and enrollment key are required from the course manager. Such training events usually require an official invitation to participate.

Anyone interested in learning more or viewing the online learning resources available on CLP4NET can easily access the Course Catalog and Course Details pages here.


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