Company launches social networking app for elections


A social networking app, Wardchat, connecting voters from the same polling place, ward, local government and state across the country has been launched.

According to the national manager, Wardchat, Kunle Lawal, the application is a social network specially designed for an electoral community.

In a statement, it said: “It is an efficient and smart social network with personalized features built on Nigeria’s electoral structure spanning 36 states and the FCT, 774 local governments, 8,000 wards and over 176 000 polling stations across the country”.

He added that the application aims to digitize the electoral space for proximal relations by using the smallest electoral unit as the determinant during registration.

He said: “We will be playing in the social media space where we have the big foreign tech like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and the Opera News hub.

“But what sets us apart is the niche market we serve, namely the Nigerian voter community of over 73 million registered voters and over 120 million voters above the age of voting. vote. Our features are designed for the electoral structure of Nigeria, which is not an afterthought.

“To date, only Wardchat creates connections by matching users’ voter profiles, helping to drive voter engagement, which leads to better voter outcomes, targeted conversations with an audience, and centered conversations on the neighborhoods.


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