Common messages on social networking sites, 2 files submitted


Two more incidents of inciting common sentiments by posting messages against a particular community on social networking sites and messaging services were reported in Chandigarh on Tuesday, bringing the number of such cases to four.

The cyber cell had registered two FIRs on April 4.

DSP (Cyber ​​Cell) Rashmi Yadav Sharma said: “We have recommended two more FIRs today. In both cases, WhatsApp messages are broadcast against a particular community. In one case, the administrator of one of the WhatsApp groups reported the matter to the police. Initial investigation reveals that posts, including video clips, were created from Chandigarh. We have launched a formal investigation into the two incidents. In the two FIRs recorded previously, we have not yet identified the persons responsible for the circulation of the messages. In fact, we are also in contact with law enforcement authorities in other states, who have recorded similar cases and arrested suspects.

Sources said people are coming forward to report objectionable posts that have gone viral on social media sites. Recently, the Center called on all states / UTs to take strict legal action against those involved in the spread of hatred between different religious communities as a result of COVID-19.

However, in response to UT’s cybercell request, Facebook’s head office in California, US deleted an FB post urging people to order door-to-door delivery for wine from a wine-based wine store. in Chandigarh. Last week, a screenshot from a Facebook post went viral, urging residents to dial a particular cell phone number to order bottles of alcohol to be delivered to their homes.

The case has reached the cyber cell. The cyber cell blocked the cell phone number and sent a communication to FB head office by email requesting the removal of the FB message on April 4. DSP Rashmi Yadav Sharma said: He acted within three days. The message was deleted yesterday.


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