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For a time, the Clubhouse social media app provided the opportunity for the population to have a cross-border dialogue on sensitive political issues from the usual strict controls of the country. This audio chat app has been blocked in many cities in China for a short time as the country is ready to start the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday. This invitation-only app remained uncensored in China until Monday, and people were gathered here to discuss sensitive political issues, and chat rooms were talking about the Uyghur imprisonment of Xinjiang and Taiwan’s independence, according to a report.

Some Chinese were paying around $ 60 for an invitation to cats. Now the time for free and open speech is over on this app. The app has drawn many of its users to a wide range of topics just like other apps in the United States do. The app website is still working, but this app will need to comply with Chinese internet rules and regulations in the future. Many people in the United States criticize this app for not preventing this app from abusive practices. Now, it has happened in China that the government believes that the topics discussed on this app were inappropriate and should not be discussed publicly.

This app was not officially available on Apple’s App Store in China, but access to the chat room was available for free without using the VPN, but users must have this app installed on their devices. This app was launched in September, but after a month it disappeared for no reason, however, it was briefly available on Apple’s App Store in China. It is not sure whether the Apple company has removed this app from the App Store or if there are other reasons. But the Apple company must be happy with the decision because the name of the company was not taken when removing such an application from the App Store.

It is not known how many people gathered at the Clubhouse to discuss sensitive political issues. However, before this ban, there were some issues discussed on this app which had around 5000 users on the platform, in which a taboo subject in China and 1989 pro-democracy was discussed. Some Chinese users cannot receive verification codes on their phone numbers; However, many users who registered with their real ID in the country made it easier for the Chinese police to recognize them. People from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are said to have flocked to this platform to discuss these cross-border dialogues. Certain other rooms in the Clubhouse are also under investigation by the Chinese police. Some users from mainland China said that this platform is not free to discuss any kind of sensitive issues. Some users in Mainland China are successful in accessing this platform, but some features will only appear on this app as long as they are connected to the VPN.

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