Campus student networking app unveiled

The app lets you start or join audio conversations and ask questions. [iStockphoto]

Two budding innovators in 2019 met over a cup of coffee and embarked on a journey to create a space for college students to connect and collaborate.

Three years later, Ed Magema and James Kimani brought their idea to life through Univus, a social network for students to create communities of friends around the world.

As the name suggests, Univus is “the universe of students” where they are free to live chat, learn and network in a fun and easy environment.

Univus was conceived after Magema noticed a gap in the educational technology (EdTech) space regarding students.

“Over the years, students on campus have been the least well served in terms of learning apps,” Magema said at the app launch in Nairobi.

“However, with Univus, they can now interact and connect with each other on a global scale and unlock their social capital,” he added.

Additionally, according to Kimani, its co-founder was looking for a way to connect students seeking opportunities to study abroad at elite universities such as Harvard and Cambridge.

Magema has a mathematics degree from Harvard while Kimani holds a degree in computer science from the University of Nairobi.

“Due to the tedious process needed to gain admission to these institutions, he decided to refine the idea by coming up with a way to bridge the gap between students from all over the world,” Kimani explained.

To join Univus, all you need is an active university email address, which you will use to log into the app once downloaded, free of charge.

Like most apps, Univus lets you create a student profile where you describe yourself – your institution, area of ​​study, and career aspirations – and attach your profile picture.


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