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LONDON, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video game industry, is pleased to announce the accreditation of the following game courses at Bornemouth University:

  • BSc (Hons) Games Software EngineeringAccreditation – awarded
  • BSc Game Design (Hons) Accreditation – awarded

BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering

The BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering degree offers a specialized study program in technical programming disciplines. It is likely to prepare graduates well for employment in a wide range of game studios, including AAA development.

BSc Game Design (Hons)

The BSc (Hons) Games Design degree offers a broad curriculum encompassing art and animation as well as game design. It is likely to prepare graduates well for employment in level design roles or for further study as artists or animators.

There are currently 276 undergraduates in the BSc Games Design course and 113 undergraduates in the BSc Games Software Engineering course.

Destination data

BSc (Hons) Game Design Destinations

TIGA uses official “Graduate Outcomes” data from HESA to report overall employment rates.

BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering Destinations

TIGA uses official “Graduate Outcomes” data from HESA to report overall employment rates.

The TIGA accreditation team was impressed with the following good practice examples:

  • The consistency and focus of the Game Software Engineering degree. It demonstrates a well-thought-out course structure with technical C ++ programming skills embedded throughout the program.
  • Providing both programs within the same department provides students with excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in the delivery and assessment of the module. The opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams is highly valued in the game development industry.
  • Both courses have maintained high NSS student satisfaction scores (94%) despite the challenges of recent years. This is a testament to the commitment of the delivery teams and goes against the overall downward trend in NSS scores in the industry resulting from the COVID situation and other national factors in higher education.
  • Both courses have low student attrition rates after the first year: 8.8% for BsC (Hons) Games Design; and 7.9 percent for the BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering.
  • The business-oriented course modules also provide students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to pursue their own business opportunities after graduation. This is a laudable addition to the course structure and will positively benefit the regional growth of the gaming industry in the future.

Overall, the TIGA Accreditation team were impressed with the team’s commitment to providing a high quality student experience and their willingness to prioritize content that has value over easy content. .

Accreditation team

The TIGA accreditation team that reviewed the courses consisted of:

Dr. Richard wilson, CEO of OBE TIGA

Dr. Jacob Habgood, Educational advisor TIGA & Sumo-Digital Group

Chris Kingsley OBE, Rebellion Technical Director

Bjorn Toft Madsen, Ed Tech

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, CEO of TIGA, noted:

Bornemouth The university offers two high-quality video game courses that equip students with the skills needed in the video game industry. Both courses provide opportunities for interdisciplinary work, which is of vital importance in the sector. The courses exhibit high levels of student satisfaction and low levels of student attrition. The consistent structure and focus of the Game Software Engineering course is a real strength. Well done to the staff and students of Bornemouth University on your successful accreditation. “

Dr. Jake Habgood, TIGA Educational Advisor & Sumo Digital Group, said:

“The high student satisfaction scores on these courses speak for themselves after the challenges higher education has faced in recent years. The course teams delivered a coherent vision and structure that is bearing fruit for the students. Bornemouth teams. “

The Creative Technologies Department, Bornemouth University, said:

“We are delighted that our two gaming programs, BSc Games Design and BSc Games Software Engineering, have now received accreditation from TIGA, which provides significant external recognition and validation of our undergraduate gaming programs. This will allow us to continue to strengthen the role industry plays in supporting us in the design and implementation of our programs, to refine our student experience and further help us prepare our students for their future careers. We look forward to working with TIGA, the member network and also offering our contributions to the industry.


TIGA is the trade association for the UK video game industry. Our vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to develop video games. Our main goal is to strengthen the game development and digital publishing industry. To do this, we focus on four strategic objectives:

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