Black Hawk College doubles its two new courses | Exclusive


This gives someone trained in court reporting the opportunity to have a successful career as a court reporter while moonlighting in a variety of other fields. They can significantly increase their salary while filling many positions that the region may need.

Growing need, growing interest

In 2022, Black Hawk College will continue to train a vitally needed group of professionals in our community: healthcare workers.

The Health Sciences Center is home to all of BHC’s health career programs. This includes three nursing programs (Nursing Assistant, Nursing Assistant, and RN), the Surgical Technology Program, EMS Paramedic Programs, and the Physiotherapy Assistant Program.

“What we’re seeing across the board is strong demand in almost every one of these areas,” Dr. Bush said. “We are seeing a lot more interest [from area] employers to help us increase the number of students we can safely fit into a program.

As the demand for skilled healthcare workers increases, BHC is partnering with Genesis, Unity Point, Hammond-Henry and other area hospitals to train healthcare students for clinical placements.

Dr. Bush hopes that by training more students during these clinical rotations, BHC can “provide more graduates ultimately, to help meet some of the professional demands of these institutions.”


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