Best Certified Blockchain Courses in 2022!


Blockchain is a revolutionary creation of BTC founder Satoshi Nakamoto. It was developed to record, track and manage e-commerce and related transactions. Over the years, blockchain has evolved into one of the primary technologies for operating businesses in a virtual world. It has made its presence in several industries and domains, including the private and public sector, from health to agriculture and from insurance to advertising. For smooth and secure operation of online business operations, companies like Bitcoin Era rely on blockchain technology.

Blockchain has no direct competition as such and analysts predict that there will be no new technology to disrupt the blockchain market anytime soon. Even after existing in the market for over a decade, the technology is still in its growth phase in terms of global adoption. Many new industries and domains are still in their early stages of adopting technology for effective use.

The growing importance and demand in the technology market is encouraging young engineers to choose blockchain as a career choice. On the other hand, companies are shelling out a lot of money to hire certified blockchain experts. The salary package for a young person for the role of blockchain engineer ranges from 4-6 LPAs, which goes up to 45-50 LPAs for candidates with more than 3 years of experience. So, blockchain enthusiasts are swarming Google in search of the best Blockchain certification courses.

Best Certified Blockchain Courses

This content is intended to provide the most reliable and professional blockchain courses to get started.

1. IBM – Blockchain Foundation for Developers

Blockchain Foundation for Developer published by IBM is one of the reputable blockchain education courses. This is an online video course that was curated by veteran blockchain developers from IBM themselves.

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This course was designed with the interests of business leaders and software engineers in mind who wanted to explore and gain expertise in this area. Even though it is a basic course also intended for non-engineers, knowledge of various programming languages ​​is a prerequisite for an effective and smooth learning experience. Ideal for beginners.

2. 101 blockchains

This is yet another most talked about blockchain course in the market. It is known for its in-depth modules that take the candidate through various industrial aspects of the blockchain industry.

Apart from the front-end engineering part, this course also trains the candidate to become a blockchain leader by teaching understanding and business concepts of organizational emergencies and suggesting impactful solutions. Thus, making it an ideal course choice for working professionals such as program and product managers/managers, innovation leaders, business and product analysts, etc.

The different modules in this course include Fundamental of Blockchain Technology, various types of platforms used by businesses around the world, different applications of blockchain, its uses in trade finance, and finally a comprehensive module for business cases. usage and user stories.

3. Gray Campus Blockchain Certification Course

Tech-savvy learners who love being with the system and aspire to become a tech geek with blockchain, this course is for them. The Blockchain Certification course offered by Gray Campus is one of the highly technical courses in the industry. This course is ideal for working professionals looking to learn at their own pace and location.

Detailed course modules provide in-depth knowledge and training on testing existing blockchain applications as well as developing new ones. The candidate will also gain a good understanding of compositor modeling languages ​​and smart contracts. As this course focuses on the core values ​​of blockchain technology, a candidate will also be exposed to platforms such as Hyperledger, BTC, and ETH operating systems.

4. Blockchain for Business

Business owners and business leaders who aspire to learn blockchain technology to understand and implement its system in their business for growth and profitability, this is a match for them. This course provides detailed learning about decentralized networks and distributed ledgers, their uses, implementation, and benefits.

This course is also ideal for students with a similar background, software engineers, product and project managers, etc.

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A solid knowledge of the fundamentals of blockchain technology is essential to understand changing trends. Thus, it is advisable to opt for structured courses that cover topics from start to finish for effective learning. The learning doesn’t stop there after certification, it takes persistent practice and reviewing the latest technology and digital asset updates. Regardless of joining a course, you must first understand Use of Bitcoin and Price Fluctuations .


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