Admissions continue to CCQ college-level courses


The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) has announced the closure of registration for new foundation level students for the term beginning September 18, while admission continues at the college level throughout the year, subject to to fulfill the conditions.

The CCQ offers admission to Qataris or those born to Qatari mothers. Maryam Abdullah al-Ryami, head of the admissions and registration service at the CCQ, underlined the administration’s concern to facilitate the admission of new students from high school graduates, the transfer of students from other universities, cross-registration students, visiting students or students seeking a second university degree. in another specialization.
Al-Ryami revealed that more than 300 Semester 2 – ELC Foundation students have been enrolled. The demand for the study programs and specializations offered by the CCQ increases each year, due to the importance of these specializations and the changing needs of the local business environment, especially since the college offers a variety of educational opportunities, including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in both Arabic and English.
Al-Riyami added, “Public administration programs are among the most in demand as they offer associate and bachelor degrees. This is in addition to the Cybersecurity and Network Security bachelor’s degree program, as well as hybrid courses which are seeing a surge in demand due to the flexibility that helps students manage their time in a way that does not not in conflict with their responsibilities.”
The number of candidates for the Associate of Business Administration reached 205 in both modes of delivery (classroom and blended learning), 396 for the Associate of Arts, 60 for the Bachelor of Human Resource Management and 65 for the Bachelor of Project Management. The CCQ opens admission to a specific number of candidates each academic year (divided equally between male and female students).
Admission is always open to Qataris or persons born to Qatari mothers who wish to continue their studies and obtain Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the academic programs offered by the CCQ, throughout the year from the opening of registration, provided that applicants are holders of Qatari high school diploma certificates or its equivalents.

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