Added Benefit of Certificate Courses


Teacher. Sachitra Bopaiah, Co-Director (Academic), Department of College Education Government of Karnataka, spoke about the various initiatives taken by his department in the post-COVID period. “Our department has introduced LMS learning management system which is the first of its kind in all India especially for freshman government colleges. In this, teachers are developing electronic content which consists of four parts – video lecture, PPT, multiple choice questions, study materials,” she said.

The Karnataka government has signed an MoU with Infosys to offer 12,000 certificate courses to students. They can take these courses online and earn additional certificates, as well as the regular diploma certificate. “It will help them find better job opportunities,” she said.

Another technology initiative she talked about was online admission – UUCMS (Unified University College Management System), where online admissions are conducted. “It is universal and a great help for teachers and students, because with the push of a button they get all the required information,” she said.

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Another initiative concerns YouTube channels. “We have Vijayi Bhava channel for placement advice and Jnana Nidhi channel for online courses,” she concluded.


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