Accel SeedToScale launches free online courses to help founders build sustainable startups


India’s vibrant startup ecosystem sees new, passionate founders aspiring to build a scalable business every day, but they also need guidance on how to achieve that goal. Accel, the renowned venture capital firm, has unveiled a new initiative – the SeedToScale startup school.

Accel has a long association with India’s startup ecosystem, having supported over 150 startups from their seed stage and helped them grow to scale. Examples like Flipkart, Swiggy, Urban Company, Curefit or Freshworks are some of the startups spun off from Accel.

Today, Accel wants to democratize this knowledge it has accumulated over the years by creating curated content coupled with live interaction with industry experts to help founders transform their early-stage businesses into startups. sustainable through courses on their platform called SeedToScale.

Seed To Scale startup school is launching two courses in the consumer technology and SaaS segments with sessions from top founders and operators on modules such as market size, product-market fit, growth and fundraising.

In the consumer tech course, topics that will be covered include areas such as GTM for consumer tech, storytelling framework for consumer tech startups, tools and metrics for product growth, mechanisms fundraising for consumer tech startups, etc.

These talks will be given by some of the well-known names in the Indian startup ecosystem like Raghunandan G, Vamsi Krishna, Anand Daniel, Kunal Shah, Deepak Abbot to name a few.

Likewise, the SaaS course will cover topics such as deep-dive into market research, GTM and customer acquisition, cross-border SaaS, enterprise sales, among others. The experts who will be giving the lectures include the likes of Shekar Kirani, Girish Mathrubootham, Krish Subramanian, Anand Jain, Mohit Garg, etc

Anand Daniel, Partner, Accel, says, “Just like how specific MBA programs have been designed to make industry knowledge accessible to nurture future talent, it is equally important to democratize knowledge around the creation of SaaS and Consumer Tech companies for future founders.”

The key idea is to provide contextual knowledge and network access to founders at a very early stage so they can scale up their business much faster. There is definitely a playbook that these founders can follow and listen to from the experts of their very hands-on experience.

In an environment where a lot of free information or advice is available to help founders, Accel has done it differently by focusing on just two segments: consumer technology and software as a service (SaaS).

The reason is that every company is different and has its own nuances. For example, the metrics used to measure customer satisfaction for a consumer technology company are very different from a SaaS company, and Accel’s Startup School will provide all segment-specific content.

Likewise, the go-to-market approach of these two companies is quite different. Here too, the course content from Accel will provide the right guidance. Essentially, it will provide contextual knowledge to founders instead of generic information.

To get out of the monotony of pure content, Accel’s Seed to Scale platform will also offer live round tables to exchange, meet the founders of specific fields, workshops. All of this will help founders not only build a business, which can be backed by a business, but also build a community.

The goal of Startup School of Accel is to help founders scale their business and has no terms or conditions attached to it. The only goal is to provide that early clarity to a startup, whether it’s consumer tech or SaaS.

Another important question likely to be on every founder’s mind is whether their startup will be eligible for funding after the completion of this program. Accel does not promise any funding to the startup that is part of the SeedToScale program, but if a company matches its investment thesis, the option is still open.

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