A wave of ridicule .. a “pandemic” of social networking sites threatens to destroy the world of celebrities!

The collapse of the “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” services could have destroyed the world of celebrities, who often use these social networking sites to post everything about their lives.

So when these sites started going out of fashion around the world and Facebook later apologized for it, there was concern that the extended absence would drive some celebrities crazy as they stared at their screens waiting for the sites to resume. life.

The sudden malfunction prompted everyone to switch to the “Twitter” platform as an alternative to communicate with their followers, while the official site greeted everyone and said in a tweet: “Literally welcome everyone,” referring to the high participation on the platform in light of the disruption of “Facebook”. The official “WhatsApp” account replied to the “Twitter” tweet with the word: “Hello”.

Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, Adele and even Dolly Parton and others have commented to poke fun at the catastrophic outage in the world, with some calling it a pandemic.

Dolly, 75, posted a meme of her as she walked through the swinging living room doors, commenting, “Everyone took to Twitter today while Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down.”

As rapper Snoop Dogg encouraged his followers to smoke by tweeting, “There is a dysfunction… one turn and be productive.

After a 4 hour hiatus, actress Catherine Tyldesley searched for the perfect way to unite her followers, deciding to cast her characters in television series. The actress tweeted “Five friends ???” and was quickly overwhelmed with hundreds of responses.

“No Instagram, no WhatsApp, no gas … is something more important going on here?” star Tamzan Othwaite asked in a tweet.

And pregnant reality TV star Lauren Goodger thought about what would happen if the blackout happened at the most inconvenient time on social media.

She wrote on Twitter: “Oh my gosh we’re addicted to social media, we wonder why they were cut! I said imagine you just posted a photo and you don’t want it. Uh, I can’t delete it now.

As for former “Geordie Shore” star Ricky Guarnaccio, the breakup made him nostalgic, revealing, “Haha for the first time I’ve texted in years.”

Oscar-nominated songwriter Diane Warren joked, “Does that mean that 4,000 Facebook friends aren’t really good friends?

“The Facebook and Instagram crashes are the most relaxing thing that has happened all year,” joked writer and actress Beth Lapides.

Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt retweeted a meme who showed himself holding a “Twitter” tag on his photo, far ahead of other contestants who tagged “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp”. He commented: “Who did this?

Donnie Wahlberg of “New Kids on the Block,” who announced they would be touring next year, used the blackout as a joke and promotional opportunity when he wrote: “Think #Blockheads have to again broke Instagram and Facebook. “

Jack Dorsey commented on someone’s tweet saying the Facebook domain is for sale, saying, “How much?”

The official accounts of “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” on “Twitter” had previously confirmed the existence of a malfunction facing app users across the world, and “Facebook” said in a tweet: “We realize that some people are having difficulty accessing Our applications and products. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

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