5 Must-See Classes at the CEDIA Design and Wellness Expo


The ways custom integrators can benefit from having business partners on projects continue to expand and diversify. Think about the kind of impact lighting can have on an indoor and outdoor project, or how professionals can better integrate technology into building materials earlier in a new construction or project. of renovation.

And homeowners now want smart homes to be healthy homes, and to that end, interior designers, architects and builders can also have an influence. This is another reason why Wellness can help CE professionals get their foot in the door on big projects that require professional-grade air quality and water filtration, or widespread lighting installations and programming for human-centered lighting.

With that in mind, here are five training sessions worth considering if you’re looking to strengthen your business partners, be a more design-driven integrator, and get started in wellness and its associated technology (see these suggested lighting, audio and video courses to take from the 150+ also being offered at CEDIA Expo 2022).

The 3Ps of being a professional design project partner

Wednesday September 28 | 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Bedroom: D173

Holly Andre, Spec Sales, Thea Enterprises

Positioning yourself as an expert and partner in smart home projects with architects, interior designers and builders is essential for any home technology professional. Through the Awareness Instructor (COI) program established by CEDIA, you can build credibility and promote our industry to stakeholders, as well as position the industry as specialists who can work with design professionals to improve customers’ lifestyles and meet their technology needs.

This workshop will cover:

Presentation: How to understand and work with Architects & Designers

Planning: How to adapt your business to focus on being a project partner with design professionals, including key presentation skills and different learning styles

Sign: Hear from some experienced CEDIA Outreach (COI) instructors discuss how they work best with design professionals, how they’ve built relationships with them, and what to expect. You can ask questions about their experiences, allowing you to learn from the best.

We’ve created materials to help you on your journey to collaborating with design professionals. Some of the more useful items include sample email templates, FAQs, and a designer’s guide to common technical terms.

How to market to business partners

Wednesday September 28 | 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. | Room: D 171

Jessica WeissDirector of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, One Firefly

Many integrators are already leveraging their relationships with the designer community, gaining a steady stream of referrals that drive their continued growth. In this course, One Firefly will provide powerful techniques on how to successfully market and engage with business partners including custom builders, interior designers and architects. We break down small, practical steps your business can take to improve your online presence as well as more advanced techniques for networking and hosting CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) training events.

Wellbeing at home – An overview of technology

Wednesday September 28 | 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Room: D 171

Michelle GussVice President, Hospitality, West Resi Sales, Crestron Electronics; Kelly eagerSenior Vice President, Delos

With most of us spending over 90% of our time indoors and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic changing the landscape to “working from home”, demands for our homes to now improve health and well-being increase exponentially. This session will examine the value propositions essential to this growing segment of our industry and provide proven scientific evidence that underpins the values ​​of smart technology solutions for health and wellness.

With an open ecosystem operating system, integrators can provide a true wellness “platform” for the home, one that fills the gaps in technologies such as using adjustable lighting to maintain indoor circadian cycles, advanced air remediation to improve air quality, and shading to bring you closer to nature, we will explore this exciting new opportunity and how it can be brought together to provide a solution to complete well-being.

The Integrator of 2027: Future Opportunities. A CEDIA Technology Council Workshop

Thursday September 29 | 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Room: D 162

rich greenFounder, Rich Green Design; Pierre AylettPartner, Officina Acustica

Authored by members of CEDA’s Technology Advisory Board, the recently released Integrator of 2027 white paper outlines and discusses a vision for how integrators should evolve from a product-based mindset to a human-centric mindset that embraces design as the heart of business. Moderated by Peter Aylett who will be joined by other members of CEDIA’s Technology Advisory Council, this intensely interactive workshop will expand on the IO27 white paper with discussions of consumer trends, policies, technology and business processes that will help participants to consider the evolution of their businesses. seize new opportunities over the next five years.

This course is suitable for integrators, distributors, representatives, manufacturers, consultants and anyone who wants to think deeply about what the next five years will bring to our industry.

Health and wellness strategies for individuals

Friday September 30 | 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | D167

Kelsey MullenHead of WELL Homes, Keynote Speaker, International WELL Building Institute

Architect Zaha Hadid once said, “Architecture is really about well-being. On the one hand, it’s a matter of shelter, but it’s also a matter of pleasure. I think people want to feel good in a space. Hadid was a pioneer in her work and this feeling reflects the current trend towards better construction. In this session, explore how physical and social environments affect human health and well-being and how these strategies can be implemented in residential properties and what role technology can play.


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