Black Captain

Watch Bonnie "Prince" Billy Perform New Version of "Black Captain", Written for Greenpeace Captain

YouTube: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "Black Captain" (Revised for Peter Willcox) (Greenpeace USA)

Will Oldham is one of the many supporters of Peter Willcox, the captain of the Greenpeace ship that was seized by Russia's Federal Security Service this fall following peaceful protests of an offshore oil rig. Oldham has made a new version of his song "Black Captain" from Wolfroy Goes to Town in support of Willcox.
Willcox, who was originally charged with piracy (and later, "hooliganism"), was recently granted bail and released from detainment, but is being held in Russia before his trial in February.
The fabulous new double album from the formidable Jamie Lenman (Singer of Reuben)


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Jamie ist der Frontmann der ebenfalls ziemlich guten Band Reuben. Und dieses Album ist ... nunja ... "vielfältig" :-)
CD1: Hardcore Gebrülle, voll auf die 12
CD2: Folkpop mit echt schönen Harmonien

What Goes Boom

Video: Pixies Decide To Just Blow Up Guitarist

The band agrees to explode Joey Santiago after learning it couldn't afford a more elaborate video.
Pitchfork: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Announce New Album, Share Track "Austerity Blues"

... Fuck Off Get Free follows 2010's Kollaps Tradixionales. A press release notes that the album was written by the group's current five-piece lineup, and is thus "heavier" and more "direct." The final track, "Rains Thru The Roof At Thee Grande Ballroom (For Capital Steez)", is indeed a tribute to the late rapper Capital Steez, who was a member of Joey Bada$$'s Pro Era crew and died last year at age 19....

Got Zot?

Mike+Macgirvin wrote the following post:

90 100 120 different websites (and growing).

Hundreds of channels (and growing).

Independent publishers and people just like you and me - on small sites across the globe, all linked together into a single "super-site".

One password.

As private as you want it to be.

Decentralised communications. Decentralised and nomadic identity. Decentralised publishing. Decentralised sharing. Decentralised permissions and access control. Decentralised directory services. Single sign-on across the entire network.

And this is only the beginning.

[The Red Matrix is now in Public Preview.]

Got Zot?
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Nachdem ich Pluto aktiviert hatte, sah es so aus:

Zuerst dachte ich noch, es liegt am Browser Cache, aber löschen des Cache half nicht.
$a->config['system']['theme'] = 'redbasic'; wird aber scheinbar durch den Eintrag in der DB überschrieben, da ich diesen Wert als erstes in .htconfig geprüft hatte.
komisch, ich bin auf diversen Rechnern/OS/Browsern unterwegs, noch nie ein Problem gehabt ... muss ich mal nachforschen ...

// ich seh übrigens kein Bild, nur das beliebte "Verboten-Schild"


ISON: Alles über den Kometen und seine Beobachtung
Es tut sich was am Himmel! Der Komet ISON ist mittlerweile schon mit freiem Auge am Nachthimmel zu sehen und wird vielleicht bald noch einen viel beeindruckenderen Anblick bieten. Es wird also Zeit, sich mal ausführlich mit diesem Himmelskörper zu beschäftigen!

Was ist ISON?

ISON trägt die offizielle Bezeichnung C/2012 S1 (ISON). Er wurde am 21. September 2012 mit dem Teleskop des russischen International Scientific Optical Network entdeckt und hat von dieser Organisation auch seinen Namen – ISON – bekommen. Der Kern des Kometen ist etwa 5 Kilometer groß und besteht aus Gestein und jeder Menge Eis. Und genau dieses Eis macht die Kometen so besonders. Im Gegensatz zu den Asteroiden sind sie vor 4,5 Milliarden Jahren weit von der Sonne entfernt entstanden, also dort, wo nicht nur Staub sondern auch diverses gefrorenes Zeug als Bau
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John Legend: Tiny Desk Concert

The soul singer retains the easygoing grace of a performer fit for any stage — even a tiny one.

Fellow Travelers

First Listen: Shearwater, 'Fellow Travelers'


Fellow Travelers, is built around a neat gimmick: Each of its 10 songs pays tribute to an artist with whom the band has toured. Given that musicians tend to tour with like-minded peers, it's no surprise that Fellow Travelers provides a reasonably natural extension of Shearwater's stormy but hooky, prettily dramatic sound.
First Listen: Jake Bugg, 'Shangri La'

The 19-year-old expresses anger and hope within melodies that sound totally right for the radio.

YouTube: Das leichteste der Welt - Kid Kopphausen (Trocaderomusic)

Kid Kopphausen. Einfach immer wieder grosse klasse.
Und einfach unfassbar schade dass es niemals einen Nachfolger zu diesem Album geben wird.
Komet ISON wird immer heller! (Und leuchtet sogar im Röntgenlicht)

Komet ISON nähert sich der Sonne von Tag zu Tag mehr an und wird jetzt endlich auch immer heller! Mittlerweile ist er schon fast mit freiem Auge sichtbar. Wie hell ein Komet wird, hängt von vielen ...
Pitchfork: Death Grips Release Free Album <i>Government Plates</i>

Death Grips have taken to Facebook to once again unexpectedly share a new release for free, in its entirety. This one is called Government Plates; that's the art, above. ... Stream the whole thing below as well, via Soundcloud....

SoundCloud: Government Plates by deathgrips (deathgrips)

Nov 13 2013/18:30 (clear, 3°C)
Distance 10,25 km
Time 46:52
ø Pace 4:32 min/km
ø Speed 13,2 km/h
ø HF 173

cold wind, but wonderful run.

YouTube: Shearwater - I Luv The Valley OH! [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Sub Pop)

The clip was directed by Branan Edgens and designed by Kahn & Selesnick. It stars Jonathan Meiburg as one of two astronauts who is stranded after landing on an unfamiliar planet.
Here's what Meiburg said of the cover:
Xiu Xiu’s deeply anxious song always seemed like it wanted to be a big rock anthem to me, so we decided to go for it and blow it out. I played a white 3-pickup SG (like Sister Rosetta Tharpe!) through a Marshall stack (like AC/DC!) for the opening guitar riff – not a sound that’s ever appeared on a SW rec before – and Cully Symington whacked the drums with mallets as hard as he could, sounding more like the Swans’ orchestral-percussion approach than a regular drum set. I love how this song – about imploring a partner to take Mifeprex, I’m pretty sure - seems to explode and implode at the same time, a state of ecstatic terror Jamie’s music often inhabits and lurks in a lot of my songs, too.
How do we encrypt text in posts?
Dead simple:
Enable the feature in your composition features, then you'll find a key icon that encrypts everything you've typed in the post.

#redmatrix #a-word
Yaeh backport it and make it work with all themes ;-) that's the point I left my project into this direction because of the other troubles here. I hope they made a propper addon ;-)

Der Herbst ist da, die Zeit der Laufshorts ist vorbei (unter 6°C wird die lange Hose rausgeholt) ...

Nov 11 2013/18:00 (cloudy, 4°C)
Distance 10,25 km
Time 44:51
ø Pace 4:32 min/km
ø Speed 13,2 km/h
ø HF 173
Messer aus Münster.
Klasse Band. Anhören.

"Freiheit für Martin Semmelrogge"

YouTube: Melting Butter Session #3: Messer - ''Luegen'' (Live at RAMA Sound) (RAMASOUNDMANNHEIM)
Pitchfork: Stream New Releases From the Melvins and Tennis Via Pitchfork Advance

Following their 30th anniversary, long-standing sludge rockers the Melvins return with their new album Tres Cabrones on November 5 via IPECAC Recordings. The now trio follows up this year’s Everybody Loves Sausages with an LP that features original drummer Mike Dillard along with Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover. The LP is streaming now on Pitchfork Advance ...
sieht aus als wär's ein Cover extra für Dich... ;-)

YouTube: Willis Earl Beal & Cat Power LIVE at the Knitting Factory (Willis Earl Beal)

Fan-made video of Willis Earl Beal and Cat Power performing some of Bob Dylan's Pledging My Time and Cat Power's Colors And The Kids at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY on Monday, October 28th 2013.

Something special :-)
Dark Mail Alliance

Privacy Innovators
Silent Circle and Lavabit are developing a new way to do email with end-to-end encryption. We welcome like-minded organizations to join our alliance.

Our Mission
To bring the world our unique end-to-end encrypted protocol and architecture that is the 'next-generation' of private and secure email. As founding partners of The Dark Mail Alliance, both Silent Circle and Lavabit will work to bring other members into the alliance, assist them in implementing the new protocol and jointly work to proliferate the worlds first end-to-end encrypted 'Email 3.0' throughout the world's email providers. Our goal is to open source the protocol and architecture and help others implement this new technology to address privacy concerns against surveillance and back door threats of any kind.

(Piwik is running in background, no OptOut?)
Looks like it could be interesting.
Npr: Neko Case: Live Halloween Tiny Desk Concert

On Halloween, watch a live Tiny Desk Concert featuring Neko Case and Kelly Hogan, as well as Eric Bachmann of Crooked Fingers and Archers of Loaf. Case is keeping her outfit under wraps for now, but promises a reveal worthy of the occasion.

-> Come back to this page on Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. ET to watch.
Faz: Ein Überwachungsselbstversuch: Mein digitaler Verrat

Wenn das Handy zum Spion wird, verrät es weit mehr als Telefonate. Es verändert alles. In der Logik digitaler Systeme sind wir immerzu...

The Red Matrix - at 15 months

Mike+Macgirvin wrote the following post:

The Red Matrix - at 15 months
"Connecting Websites"

Sometimes the day-to-day progress seems painfully slow and overall progress seems glacial. So once in a while one needs to turn around and look back to see how much progress has actually been made.

In July 2012 I started working on the Red Matrix, then just called "Red". It wasn't until around Xmas 2012 that we had enough of the Zot protocol implemented for two sites to communicate. Now we've got a number of people using Red for daily communications. It's much more responsive and usable than Friendica - from whence it originated. Most of the original Friendica communications and underlying interfaces have now been ported to the Red infrastructure. The notable omissions are birthday eve
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Pitchfork: Stream Gesaffelstein: Aleph on Pitchfork Advance

French DJ/producer Mike Levy, aka Gesaffelstein, releases his debut album Aleph on October 28 via Bromance. It follows various singles along with mixes of Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" and Miss Kittin's "All You Need". In addition Levy helped produce "Send it Up" off Kanye West's Yeezus.

This one kicks 1990's EBM to the next millenium.

Clarke's 3rd law

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clark

#gotzot #getzot
Any technology distinguishable from magic is not sufficiently advanced.
Any technology indistinguishable from magic probably needs to be investigated further ;-)
Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71 | Music News | Rolling Stone

New York legend, who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, underwent a liver transplant in May


(Lou Reed and Metallica, Lulu promo tour, radio concert 2011-11-11)
Deutschland: Sommerzeit endet dieses Wochenende

Hallo Zeitumstellung - Abenteuer am 15. Meridian!
Heute Nacht, am 27. Oktober 2013 um 3 Uhr endet die Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit. Die Uhren werden auf 2 Uhr zurück gestellt und bis zur nächsten Zeitumstellung herrscht in ganz Deutschland wieder die normale Mitteleuropäische Zeit (MEZ).
that reminds me of a script I need to run to update those offsets in some stuff here still running on some very old code.. 

not a big deal but i always forget (probably should have put it in cron years ago but there's some workarounds in there for matching cities/countries which make me a little nervous :-)
SPRENGSATZ _Das Politik-Blog aus Berlin» Blog Archive » Das späte Erwachen der Angela M.
Wenn die Regeln politischer Verantwortung und Hygiene noch gelten würden, dann müssten heute zwei deutsche Minister ihren Hut nehmen: Kanzleramtsminister Ronald Pofalla und Innenminister Hans-Peter Friedrich. Denn die beiden haben im August die deutsche Öffentlichkeit bewusst getäuscht und grob irregeführt, als sie erkärten, die Aufklärung d...
Michaelbukowski: Hedonistischer Widerstand | bukowskigutentag (bukowski)

Die erste Welle des Entsetzens über die freidrehenden Geheimdienste brachte zum Beispiel Privacy-Parties hervor. Das war lustig, aber erwartbar ein Strohfeuer, das längst verglüht ist. Man hat wirklich genug zu tun und will nicht seine Tage mit komplizierter E-Mail-Verschlüsselung und solchem Zeug verbringen. Bleibt die Frage: Was kann man tun ...

YouTube: YouTube

0:00:00 Reflektor
0:07:34 We Exist
0:13:17 Flashbulb Eyes
0:16:00 Here Comes the Night Time
0:22:30 Normal Person
0:26:53 You Already Know
0:30:51 Joan of Arc
0:46:22 Here Comes the Night Time II
0:49:07 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)
0:55:23 It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)
1:02:02 Porno
1:08:05 Afterlife
1:14:02 Supersymmetry
A wonderful late-summer evening, perfect for a good run!
And it was good one:


Oct 22 2013/18:30 (cloudy, 22°C)
Distance 10,35 km
Time 44:51
ø Pace 4:21 min/km
ø Speed 13,8 km/h
ø HF 176
First Listen: Son Lux, 'Lanterns'


Son Lux's newest is an arresting mix of hip-hop, 21st-century R&B and experimental synthpop.
The music of Son Lux has always been slightly left-of-field, the product of a restless and formally trained artist bored with conventional chord patterns, familiar melodies and standardized beats.

good stuff
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