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The Radiohead ant: A new species of 'silky' ant grows fungus gardens for food

... One of those species, Sericomyrmex radioheadi, collected in the Venezuelan Amazon, was named after the famous British music band Radiohead.
"We wanted to honor their music" one of the authors, Ana Ješovnik, says. "But more importantly, we wanted to acknowledge the conservation efforts of the band members, especially in raising climate-change awareness. "
After a testing period we’ve made available bugfix and security updates for Nextcloud 9, 10 and 11 today. You can download them from our changelog page. Here are the major improvements:

A fix for shared address books
WebDAV fix for Windows 10
Allow disabling the app store
Block migration from ownCloud 10 to Nextcloud 11 (will need 12)
Enable uploading of folders in Chrome
Some Calendar fixes
A LOT of enhancements to the log reader, like small screen compatibility, performance, filtering, date format display, better search, better highlighting and improved display.

Oliver 13 Stunden her von -friendica
Wahrscheinlich wegen diesem blöden StartCom Cert ... ich komme einfach nicht dazu mich da mal drum zu kümmern.

Steffen K9 12 Stunden her
Ich sehe die Raute. Wohl deshalb, weil es aus meinem lokalen photo cache geladen wird.
Zum Thema ;-) Update lief mal wieder problemlos. Danke für den Hinweis.

New band from Madrugada Singer Sivert Høyem!


Born in Oslo of a fortuitous meeting and instant connection between four musicians, whose collective previous and very varied experience working with artists & bands such as Madrugada, PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithfull, Longview, Anna Calvi, Bat for Lashes to name drop but a few, brought about a common desire to form a band that would attempt to focus on the immediacy of explosive live performance and with the songwriting to supply it, as a way for them to counter the increasing falsehoods and insecurities of the current age. Their own version of Paradise…
Paradise in this case can then be accepted both to reflect the times or alternatively as an escape from them, engagement and detachment in tandem. The medium
... mehr anzeigen Öffentliche Sicherheit - Unterschätzte Gefahren der Digitalisierung

Bei smarten Fernsehern mit Internet-Anschluss oder weitgehend autonomen Fahrerassistenzsystemen im Auto zeigt sich deutlich, wie stark die Digitalisierung schon unseren Alltag prägt. In anderen Bereichen ist es weniger offensichtlich, wie abhängig unsere Gesellschaft von der IT ist. Gefahren werden deshalb leicht übersehen.


The Quietus | News | LISTEN: New BEAK>

Geoff Barrow's kraut masters return with new track 'Sex Music', streaming below


Ikutaro Kakahashi, Founder Of Roland Drum Machines, Dies At 87

The Japanese entrepreneur and music fanatic laid the groundwork for house music and hip-hop with machines like the TR-808 and TR-909.


My favorite might be U+1F609 U+1F93F WINKING FACE VOMITING.

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Oliver 1 Monat her von -friendica
Ohne Chuck Berry gäbe es keinen Rocknroll, keine moderne Rock-Musik so wie wir sie kennen.

Oliver 1 Monat her von -friendica
Chuck Berry’s New Album Still Set for Release Following His Death
“Chuck had no greater wish than to see this album released to the world, and we know of no better way to celebrate and remember his 90 years of life than through his music”


What the CIA thinks of your anti-virus program

Peppering the 8,000 pages of purported Central Intelligence Agency hacking data released Tuesday by WikiLeaks are reviews of some of the world's most popular anti-virus products.
The hackers are quoted taking potshots at anti-virus firms, suggesting the American intelligence agencies are keenly aware of flaws in the products meant to be keeping us all safe online.
The data published by WikiLeaks isn't systematic enough to draw firm conclusions about the reliability of one product or another and the uncertain dating means the CIA's critiques provide more of a snapshot than an overview.
Still, the posts show America's top cyberspies aren't always flattering about commonly used security software. …

... ich muss neuerdings immer zweimal in meinen RSS-Reader schauen, ob das jetzt ne Schlagzeile vom Postillon ist oder was "seriöses" ... o_O
Tobias 2 Monate her von Friendly
Darum hab ich den postillion in den Content Filter gepaz

The dump also contains a list of millions of prime factors, a 0-day Tamagotchi exploit, and a technique for getting gcc and bash to execute arbitrary code.


If used with software that could keep up, a scroll wheel mapped to send a stream of 'undo' and 'redo' events could be kind of cool.


... I got a letter from NIN ... o_O
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The Quietus | News | At The Drive-In Announce New Album

YouTube: At The Drive In - Incurably Innocent (Lyric Video) (riserecords)

At The Drive-In have announced details of their new album, in • ter a • li • a, their first album release since 2000's Relationship Of Command. From it, above, you can check out the second taste of the album in the form of the urgent, riff-laden 'Incurably Innocent'.