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I never saw this before ... tried to upload a picture (small, jpg), got this:

Image upload failed.<br>

ok, pic-upload is broken on my server since last pull. Version and configuration is same like my demoserver, everything's fine there.
I have no idea whats wrong :-)

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aha, more: I don't see any pictures in my gallery. Pic upload to gallery failed too.

... I don't like these things ... :-/
still the same (well it's just 22 mins later, I know :D)
@Oliver: enable loggin, open photos page, and take a look at logs...
oh ... ?

Unknown column 'type' in 'field list'
SELECT `resource-id`, `id`, `filename`, type, max(`scale`) AS `scale`, `desc` FROM `photo` WHERE `uid` = 1 AND `album` = 'Profilbilder'
AND `scale` &lt;= 4 GROUP BY `resource-id` ORDER BY `created` DESC LIMIT 0 , 20 returned false.
Unknown column 'type' in 'field list'
last db update has not been applied. check in /admin/dbsync/ and make sure to have last "update.php" and "boot.php" files
mmmh ...
/dbsync/ = No failed updates.
I will check the two files later from home.
Thanks @Fabio Comuni !
Both files are uptodate ... what to do? Run SQL query with database.sql?
check in /admin/, last line should be: "Version: 3.0.1367 - 1149"
If it's not 1149 you're missing some updates.
Take a look at update.php to see which SQL you need to run to be updated.
The SQL to fix images is ALTER TABLE photo ADD type CHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'image/jpeg' AFTER filename
well... fixed! Thank @Fabio Comuni
:laola: :-)
Résumé: All files were up to date (pulled via Git this morning), but the database was not updated automatically. I added the SQL above and thats it.
Thanks for your help!
@Giaco el vecio 3.0.1497 - 1135 (should be -1156, but something went wrong last times...)